Even though most Americans are politically moderate, American politics is careening to the right. why? What can be done?
The Republicans who run American government today have defied the normal laws of political gravity. They have ruled with the slimmest of majorities and yet have transformed the nation's governing priorities. They have strayed dramatically from the moderate middle of public opinion and yet have faced little public backlash. Again and again, they have sided with the affluent and ideologically extreme while paying little heed to the broad majority of Americans. and much more often than not, they have come out on top. This book shows why--and why this troubling state of affairs can and must be changed.

Written by two professional political scientists, Off Center, tells the story of a deliberative process restricted and distorted by party chieftens, of unresponsive power brokers subverting the popular will, and of legislation written by and for powerful interests and deliberately designed to mute popular discontent.
JACOB S. HACKER is Peter Strauss Family Associate Professor of Political Science, Yale University. PAUL PIERSON is professor of political science (Avice Saint Chair in Public Policy), University of California, Berkeley.

Scott Ritter and his team were determined to find out the truth about Iraq's WMD. The CIA was equally determined to stop them. The truth, as we now know, is that Iraq had no WMD. But this information would have derailed America's drive for regime change.
Iraq Confidential conveys the disallusionment of a patriot who came to realize that his own government sought to undermine effective arms control in the Middle East. Ritter shows us a world of deceit and betrayal, in which nothing is as it seems. A host of characters from Mossad, M16 and the CIA pepper this powerful narrative which contains revelations that will have an enduring impact on the ongoing debates about Iraq.

When members of the Iraqi resistance first told their story to the world, they told it to Zak Chehab, a tenacious and celebrated Middle East journalist. In Inside the Resistance, Chehab is able to show how the resistance fighters really view the elections, the Iranians, Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda, and their new American occupiers. Alternating between the perspectives of a local insider and an international observer, he takes us through the critical moments in post-occupation Iraq, such as the bombing of the UN headquarters, the Najaf uprising, and the battle for Fallujah.

Zaki Chehab is one of the Arab world's leading journalists. He is political editor of the London-based Al Hayat and of the Arabic TV channel LBC. For over twenty-five years he has covered Middle Eastern conflicts as a commentator for the Arab and Western media, including CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera.

STEAL THIS VOTE recounts the distressing but colorful history of electoral manipulation in America from the framers of the constitution, through Boss Tweed's New York, the Daley machine in Chicago, to Election 2000 and beyond. It blames the defects of todays's electoral system on a corrupted political environment created by both major parties, and on a large number of state and county election officials more interested in appearances than the integrity of the democratic process.
This is a tale of votes bought, stolen, suppressed, lost, duplicated, assigned to dead people and pets, miscounted, thrown into rivers, and litigated all the way to the Supreme Court. It will change the way you look at American Democracy.

Andrew Gumbel, an award-winning US correspondent for the Independent (London) and an author of celebrated books on London and Berlin, was one of the first journalists to bring the pitfalls of computer voting to public attention.