March 2008: All books by Akiva Orr can now be downloaded from this page:

This site contains his books and pamphlets on Direct Democracy, and also the books on the Israeli-Arab conflict.
All books can be copied, quoted, and distributed, without asking for any copyright. He waived all copyrights.
The new book announced below has now the title "BB? BG? or DD?"

Akiva Orr <> wrote on Dec. 13, 2006:

Dear All at WDDM,
My new book is available for comments and criticism.
  ATB for 2007
    Aki ORR

The book is called "Revolution, The D.I.Y. Version" and its final manuscript of March 9, 2007
can be downloaded from here: DIY-final.pdf (1.37 MB)

Jan. 16: Aki on recent changes:
I added a new chapter (11) entitled Politics of Group-identity
I also changed many formulations

Feb. 8: on final version:
I added 2 chapters to the book.

March 1:
I added more material and a 'Summing up'. Criticism and comments received were used to improve the book.

Send your comments/criticism to .