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The Program of the Second International Congress on Direct Democracy in:

Athens: (Cholaros Cultural Center)
Delphi: (European Cultural Center)   
June 21-25, 2000

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The First International Congress was so successful, that the members immediately began to consider having a Second.  George Kokkas, the only member of the Congress at the time from Greece, who is a media lawyer from Athens, believed that it would be most appropriate to have the Second Congress in Greece and he volunteered to help organize it there.  His generous offer was unanimously accepted by the CCIDD membership.

His design was to have the main part of the event in Athens (the Western Civilization's home of direct democracy) but to also have part of the Congress held in Delphi.  This was done.  The first 2 days of the Second Congress were held in Athens, at the Ecclesia in Pnyx and at the Cholaros Cultural Center (Cholaros is the suburb of Athens in which Pericles was born).  The 3rd day included a scenic bus trip to Delphi and a meeting that was held in the European Cultural Center.

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  The program for the Second Congress has been posted on the web for all to see.  Check it out.

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