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Final Program of


Athens and Delphi, Greece: June 21-25, 2000

Sponsored By:

  • Forum of Citizens Democracy (Greece)

  • Initiative and Referendum Insitute (IRI) (Washington, D.C.)

  • Arno Political Consultants (California, USA)

  • Municipality of Cholargos (Attica)


Wednesday, June 21st
3-7:00 P.M. Registration and Reception:
Hotel Herodion (4, Rov.Galli Str.)
7-8:30 P.M. Welcome to Greece Dinner:
Site: Psiri, an area with restaurants, music halls and tavernas.
Thursday, June 22, 2000.
8-9 A.M. Registration
9-9:15 A.M. Welcome to Greece: Address by George Kokkas
Site: Pnyka, the assembly place of the ancient
        Demos' Ecclesia.
9:15-30 A.M: Ceremonial Welcome to Athens and Delphi, the Cradle of Western Democracy: Speaker to be Announced.                                                             
9:30-10:00A.M. "The Goal of Returning Direct Democracy To Athens and Greece in the 21st Century,"
Resolutions on Use of Transnational Referenda to Resolve Issues Concerning the Global Ecology and Matters of National Sovereignty

George Kokkas, Media Lawyer and Chair, Forum of Citizens Democracy, Greece.

Each member of the Congress gave a short speech on what it meant to them to speak to the membership from the very place in which the ancient Greek Demos' Ecclesia met.

10:00-10:30 A.M. Congress Format and Process, Congress Co-Coordinator: Ted Becker, TAN+N and Congress Facilitator Christa Slaton, Auburn University, USA.
10:30-10:45 A.M. Coffee Break and travel to the Cholaros (The birthplace of Pericles) City Center.
10:45--11:05 A.M. National Report on Italy, Giuseppe Strano, Associazione Democrazia Diretta, Rome, Italy.
11:05-11:25 A.M. National Report on Canada, George Sagi, Founder, Participatory Direct Democracy Association: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
11:25-11:45 A.M. National Report on Sweden, Tomas Ohlin Professor, Linkopings University, Sweden
11:45-12:05 Noon National Report on Portugal, Filipe Montargil, Universidade Lusiada, Lisbon, Portugal.
12:05-12:30 P.M. Questions and Discussions of the morning National Reports.
12:30-2:00 P.M. Lunch.
2:30-2:50 P.M. National Report on USA. Dane Waters, President, Initiative and Referendeum Institute, Washington, D.C., USA.
2:50-3:10 P.M. National Report on Japan. Shuji Imamoto, Co-Leader, Political Forum of the Internet, Osaka, Japan and Member of Society to Promote Science, Tokyo, Japan.
3:10 P.M.-3:30 National Report on France.  Jean Ambert, Owner, Sens Public, ( a public opinion polling and focus group company in ), Paris, France
3:30-3:45 P.M. National Report on Germany, , Thomas Fiedler and/or Franz Isermann, Mehr Demokratie, Germany.
3:45-4:00 P.M. Coffee Break
4:00-4:20 P.M. National Report on Belgium, Heiko Dittmer Werkgoroep voor Impleimentetie var de Tydsgeeset (W.I.T.) , Belgium
4:20- 4:40 P.M. Report on the Budapest Conference, "Direct Democracy in Eastern Europe," Jiri Polak, Editor-in-Chief, Worldwide Direct Democracy Newsletter. Czech Republic
4:40-5:00 P.M. National Report on Lybian Jamahiriya, Milad M. Alshebani, Alfateh University,
(Tripoli, Lybia).
5:00-5:30 P.M. "The Premises for Direct Democracy in Romania," Angela Ionita, National Institute for Research and Development (Bucharest, Romania)

7:00 P.M

 Dinner at Byzantine style restaurannt nearby.
Friday, June 23, 2000 This day will be devoted to a variety of workshops and panels in which several members of the Second Congress will participate in a public discussion of the subject for half the allotted time. The rest of the time will be an interaction with the entire plenary.

Site for Morning Program
Cholaros Cultural Center
9:00-10:00 A.M. Workshop on "Strategies and Tactics to Overcome Popular Misinformation and Disinformation About Direct Democracy."

Workshop Participants:

Michael Arno, Arno Associates (USA);

Shuji Imamoto,  Political Forum on the Internet

Dane Waters, Initiative and Referendum
                      Institute (USA)

Antonio Rossin, Psychologist (Italy)

10:00-10:15 A.M. Coffee Break
10:15-1:00 P.M. Workshop on "Innovative Methods to Empower Citizens in Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy: An Exposition with Demonstrations."

"D-democracy in an e-World," Andrzej Kaczmarczyk, Institute of Mathematical Machines, (Poland.)

Voting by Internet,  Regis Jamin, VP Europe/Middle East/Africa, Election.Com (USA and France).   Demonstration of Internet voting with security system.

Electronic Voting Systems, Dana Hofford and Mikael Nordfors, Vivarto Voting Systems (Sweden).
Demo of Internet voting program.

Virtual Teledemocracy. Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko, Docent, University of Tampere.  (Finland). 3-D CD demonstration of "Virtual Helsinki" project.

Making 3,000 Citizens Into a Small Face-to-Face Group via ICT. Joe Goldman,
America Speaks (Washington, D.C., USA)


1:00-2:30 P.M. Lunch and Travel to Cultural Centre of Cholargos
2:30-4:00 P.M. Workshop on Collaborative Projects: Improvement and Expansion

Panel Participants:

Ted Becker, TAN+N and CCIDD Website (USA)
Jiri Polak, Worldwide Direct Democracy Newsletter
             (Czech Republic)
Marcus Schmidt, Christa Slaton and Tomas Ohlin, The Global Direct Democracy Movement: An Anthology (Denmark, USA, Sweden)
Any new collaborative projects to be announced and discussed.

4:00-4:30 P.M. Coffee Break
4:30-6:30 P.M. Workshop on (a) Form and Purpose That a Worldwide Direct Democracy (WDD) Organization Might Have and (b) Amendments to and/or adoption of the Declaration of DD by the Forum for Citizens Democracy (George Sagi, Jiri Polak, George Kokkas, et al.)

Further discussion on Resolutions and any other matters for discussion and voting in Delphi.

8 P.M
Dinner at "Tastes of Ancient Greece" Restaurant
Saturday, June 24, 2000 Day Trip to Delphi.
7:30 A.M. Depart to Delphi
12:00 P.M. Arrive at European Cultural Center :
Coffee Break
Deliberation on Resolutions and Other Matters
2:00 P.M. Lunch
3:30-5 P.M. Business Meeting; Voting (Plenary) on Resolutions.
5:00 P.M

8:00 P.M.

Guided Tour of Delphi and surrounding area.

Departure for Athens for those who need to return.....with dinner on the way.   Those who will stay overnight in Delphi will return to Athens on Sunday morning.

Sunday, June 25, 2000 Agenda to be Announced, but will probably include discussion of Third Congress, whether it is desirable and/or feasible for CCIDD to have a "mirror site," "Pericles email discussion group, etc.