List of WDDM members

(New members are being added at the end.)

A. List of Initial WDDM members on April 16, 2005 when WDDM was re-established

(In the order their applications were received)


1.  George Sagi

Brief C.V.:
             Established the Participatory Direct Democracy Association, PDDA, and
became a founding member of the Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement, WDDM,
and its Firs elected Spokesperson. I am one of the originators of the Action
Plan Renewal of WDDM.
             In addition to my above DD activities, occasionally I write literary,
socio-political, and scientific and technical articles. I am member of the
Manitoba Writers Guild and the Canadian Authors Association.

George's proposals for the WDDM renewal:
    Call for WDDM Renewal,   WDDM Action Plan


2. Bruce Eggum

I am Bruce Eggum, age 62, from Gresham, Wisconsin.

I would like to be a member of WDDM providing it intends to be an
organized organization providing information on Direct Democracy to
the world.. There was confusion in the past WDDM because organization
was absent.
By organization I mean with structure of how to present initiatives
within WDDM, how "discussion" will be conducted, a voting method which
is accurate. Positions of Secretary, treasurer, chairperson,
webmaster, and other positions will have job descriptions and
accountability. These are internal policy and procedures and the
positions are intended to run only the WDDM Organization.
I have a webpage which quite well shows my understanding of government
issues at
We must be prepared for any political upheaval which may happen at any
time. The US is ripe for one, and the EU will be if the present
Constitution which has NO way for people to participate is approved.
Other countries are having great difficulty, often because of
interference from others, the USA included as an interference.
Whither a total Direct Democracy can be initiated or a Initiative /
Referendum process is up to the people.  Providing information on
solutions to problems experienced with present governing systems and
the safe guards needed of any new system will be necessary. These
things must be discussed soon because it may happen quickly. The EU
was discussed for years, however when it did happen, there were no
draft constitutions to consider. This is what I believe is needed so
the people have a true choice.
Please feel free to contact me for any questions you might have. or
All the Best,
Bruce is for a detailed Founding Document: see


3. Bernard Clayson

Bernard recently also brought this for your consideration: discussion of options for the WDDM structure

Do we need a long initial basic document with many rules, or just a few sentences will do?
No, we do not need the 'many rules'.
'Many roads lead to democracy', WDDM can not/should not presume an 'only way', example - I support the principle of I&R, yet I do not support the I&R that is most used.
WDDM must be open to originality.
Mission Statement -
WDDM is a worldwide hub for DD advocates to exchange information, experience and ideas from different parts of the world.
Individuals are encourage to join, or form, sub-groups in their own countries, the fundamental rule is that the people are sovereign and that all systems should be verifiable by the people.

How do we get, or get people to be, active rather than indulge in rhetoric
for the sake of 'debate'?
I threw a direct challenge to the political system by doing a public run
referendum and publishing the results in the press and to the Chief Exec,
the leader of the District Council, and to electoral services.
I backed it up by asking international contacts to email the CE and Leader
(with copies to the press) congratulating them on supporting/doing the
The after effects are still to be realised because the press did not
understand the implications of what I had done, I am in the slow process of
'enlightening' them.
Only the CE and electoral services would understand most of the implications
because I challenged them over the election process when I stood for
Most of the saga is on the link I sent i.e.

4. Eric Lim

I refer to your call for initial membership applications for WDDM (
I confirm my application for initial membership of WDDM as requested.
I am an active member of CICDD and have posted many messages there.
I am from Singapore and the owner of NPSForum (
Best Regards
Eric Lim

5.  Milan Valach

I am a member of the Czech Movement for Direct Democracy, see
Best regards
                     Milan Valach

6.  Milton MacPhail 

To whom it may concern
I have delivered pamphlets and proselytized for years on the need to
switch to proportional representation and governance by referendum in
Canada. I am a board member of the website. I have
worked on the world game (when Buckminster Fuller was alive) where we
planned to to take care of 100% of humanity without destroying the
planet in the process. Needless to say we have not been successful in
this endeavour. I am currently working as a carpenter in Edmonton,
Alberta. My educational background includes national diplomas from the
British Columbia Institute of Technology in Computer Systems and
Financial Management.
I firmly believe that we should all have a say in how our planetary
activities are carried out and what our goals, as a race, should be.
Best Regards

7.  Lee Gottlieb
My name is Lee Gottlieb
I'm dedicated to creating a true DD political system in the U.S. because
if it is succesfully accomplished here, in all likelihood, it will expedite
the initiation of DD systems elsewhere. The depth of my dedication
can be found on the website

8. Tony Adeney 

My publishing work is done as a professional hobby on
subjects that are of interest to me. Profits from
books sold go towards funding direct democracy international.
Tony Adeney age 42
2004 - Published of 24.1 The Case for Direct Democracy
- looking at corruption within the UK government and
asking whether the electorate would be better served
with a limited form of direct democracy. Published by
dot one publishing
2004  - Set up
- a forum relating to direct democracy and linking other
democratic organisations.
2001 Published Life Shouldn't Be A Pain - an analaysis
of psychoanalitical counselling techniques and drug
therapys for dealing with stress and depression.
Published by dot one publishing.
Other projects including films, video and TV scripts
for various film and television companies.
1995-2005 Owner of a marketing advertising company
based in London with clients in the UK, Spain and the
1985-1995 Art director and copywriter working at
Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising London  Including
clients as diverse as British Airways to Avis Cars and
many others.
Degree in animation from Newcastle Art College,
various. School education Gilligham Grammar school ,

9. Miroslav Kolar

My DD site:
Page on consensus
My bio:

I have volunteered to be WDDM webmaster

10. Georges Metanomski 

3 Route du Bourg
F-29180 Qu=E9m=E9n=E9ven
+33 (0)2 98 73 65 51
Over 4 years of cicdd membership.
Experience pertinent to DD
Concept and creation of the first 3-phase IDV
(Initiative, Debate, Vote) Prototype DD Platform,
accessible at
Several DD workshops supported by this Platform,
starting with research of compromise solution of
the Israel/Palestine conflict with a mixed Arab/Jewish Forum.
Experience in DD procedures in IMO unique DD
communities, Israeli Kibbuzim.
Using DD procedures creation of experimental
schools destined to develop responsibility,
independent reasoning and resistance to
conditioning and manipulation. (IMO, the
established education favors bandwagon attitude,
the worst enemy of DD)
Coordination of my village citizen Association,
run on DD principles and having succeeded in
several actions such as:
-Saving local area from deforestation,
-Banning chemical herbicides in the local area
-Promoting round-abouts to slow down wild traffic
through village
-Debate on ecology, Kyoto and windmills
-Following debate conclusions, action against
1.Stopping of a windmill project in our village
2.Helping other Associations in their fight
3.Publishing our arguments and conclusions.
  Two of our arguments were used in the recent
  Parliament debate which finished with a serious
  decision against windmills in France.
I personally don't believe in prefabricated
constitutions, as IMO they should be conceived,
debated and decided by the DD Forum on the go.
In particular, a DD party makes me think of a
brothel campaigning for virginity.
I believe that first tasks of DD promoters are:
Conceive and implement adequate DD logistic support,
including, but not limited to informatic platform.
Learn themselves the principles, rules and conventions
of a decent, adequately structured debate and help the
Forum to adopt them.
Inform the public and assemble the Forum.

11. Paul Cutler

Cheers All,
Paul Cutler
School of Philosophy
University of Tasmania
I am currently tutoring in Philosophy and Government
and am a fellow at one of the attached Colleges of the
University of Tasmania.
My Master's studies concentrated on democracy in local
government in Victoria, Australia. I undertook the
research as a participant-observer, being an elected
LG representative at the time.
My current attention, as far as engaging with
'democracy' is concerned focuses on democracy in
inter-personal relationships, theoretical construction
of concepts of democracy, and particular mechanisms
for enabling direct democratic involvement in local
polities (including residential communities).
Good luck with the re-launching,
Paul Cutler

12. Laila Ciogolea

I am member of the social-democratic party in Romania  since 2000. I work
with the Ministry of European Integration of Romania. I am 50 years old.

13. Ted Becker

Web site:

14. Leopoldo Salgui

Dear friends of WDDM,

I am an active member of the Spanish groups:
  1. Another Democracy Is Possible, AnotherDem:
  2. Demopunk Net:

Recently, we are managing to set up an open DD forum, WDDF, hosted in the same server as AnotherDem

Leopoldo Salgui

15. Josep Ll. Ortega

Hello world citizen friends.

I was born in 1954 in Spain, but have lived since 1978 in Andorra, a tiny
country between Spain and France, in the Pyrenees. I am a psychologist, and
have worked most of my professional life in special education. For the last
few years, I have been working as a financial director.

For many years, I have been educating myself about global injustice,
environmental problems and serious innovative solutions, including
democratic global governance. As a "world citizen," I believe that loyalties
to the planet and humanity must come before national loyalties. I created a
wiki site to promote convergence among the many individuals and groups
striving for world citizenship, justice and global governance, and I am
developing a net of open share world citizen resources. Recently, I became
president of the Consultative Assembly of the Peoples' Congress.

I am certified yoga teacher, like horse riding and science-fiction. I am
married to Carmen, and have two sons, Eduard and Gerard.

I look forward to working with the Worldwide Direct Democratic Movement.

16. David Harrison

I would like to see a national electronic participatory democracy set up in Canada.

My suggested approach would be to have a Civic Net, separate from the internet, exclusively for the civil interaction of individual citizens, political parties and other interest groups.

Individual citizens would have a data base with their beliefs on their computer which could be queried by the central Civic Net computers, and decisions on any given question would be a composite of the results of those queries.

(There is also an entry from David at DD Meeting Place message board.)


17.  Mike Hollinshead

CV Re: Direct Democracy

Designed Vision 2020 for the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Province of
Alberta Canada.  Over 200 municipalities used a guidebook and resource
materials to envision their future.  The concept was for the Ministry to
rewrite the Municipal Act so that the municipalities would have the powers
needed to achieve their visions.  The Minister moved to another portfolio
and the visions were not used as intended.

Designed, produced and directed an Electronic Town Meeting for a Royal
Commission on the future of health care in Alberta.  In a 90 minute
television program the commissioners reported their main findings and
answered questions from a studio audience of experts.  A random sample voted
on the main recommendations by telephone during the program.

Designed, produced and directed three 60 minute Electronic Town Meetings for
a major hospital in which a studio audience and the viewing audience at home
were able to ask questions of the senior management of the hospital and the
manager of the unit under discussion - the subjects were birthing, emergency
services and death and dying.  Short videos were produced on each subject.
A stratified random sample of viewers were able to vote on the issues,
pioneering the use of a new telephone switch and computer for this purpose.
The voting occurred in real time in less than 90 seconds and was
statistically significant.

Designed and was executive producer for an Electronic Town Meeting on
physician assisted suicide in Calgary, Alberta for the Members of Parliament
representing consitutencies within the city.  The moderator was one of the
MPs who was also a party leader.  There was a panel of two for and two
against.  About 200 people were in the audience offering opinions and asking
questions.  A pre-selected random sample of about 2,000 people voted on the
concept and the conditions under which it might be permitted, based on
mailed out materials and watching the program.  The sample was stratified by
consitutency, age and gender.  The votes were counted in 90 seconds using
the same new telephone switching system and computer as in teh hospital
ETMs.  The results of the polls were fed back into the program.  The polls
by constituency were  significant at the 5% level or higher.  About 20,000
people watched the program.  The vote was overhelmingly in favour and  a
consensus on conditions was identified.  The MPs and the party leader
undertook to be guided by the vote when the Federal Government brought
enabling legislation before the Federal Parliament.  Unfortunately it failed
to do so.

In partnership with Ron Thomas, designed and produced a video and guidebook
for the American Planning Association on how to do Electronic Town Meetings. 


18.  Filia den Hollander

Instead of a CV, Filia sent the description of the current project she is involved in: Citizen's EU Constitution


19.  Jiri Polak

Jiri is the editor of the well-known DD Newsletter

(End of the list of initial members)

B. Members accepted later

20.  Antonio Rossin     (April 20, 2005)

I am the founding member of the original WDDM at the Athens-Delpi 2nd CICDD conference, June 2000.

I specialize in studying Dialectic Communication and especially the relation between language patterns learning in earliest child's age under parenting feed-back and the self-fixing of brain framework, either rigid-conservative or flexible and suitable for autonomous, aware and active participation into society.

Website: Flexible Learning