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Wisconsin Referendum on US Pullout from Iraq

On April 4, 32 Wisconsin communities held (together with local elections) a referendum requiring the start of an immediate pullout of the US army from Iraq. It was for the first time when the citizens of several US cities/towns/villages were allowed to simultaneously vote on the Iraq War. The citizens of 24 communities voted for the pullout, those of the remaining 8 were against. The detailed official results are at: http://www.wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article=58885

The text of the referendum question varied from town to town: http://www.wnpj.org/node/2752. The referendum was held due to the efforts of the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. In some places they had to get a court order forcing the local government to include the referendum vote at the election time. The details of this "Troops Home Now" campaign are at: http://www.wnpj.org/homenow

The results of this referendum are not binding on the US Federal Government but they can be hardly completely ignored.
For example, about the same time a strong critique of several US retired generals who served in Iraq appeared accusing Donald Rumsfeld of serious errors made in Iraq and demanding his replacement.

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