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Add your contributions by editing a topic page from the menu on the left (by doubleclicking on it or by appending /edit to its URL address), or by adding a comment to it at the bottom which might be better especially in the case of long discussions.

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General topics

Submission of proposals related to WDDM mission and business

Internal discussions: moved to Forum
Here are their beginnings of spring 2005:

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I have written what I believe were some of the experience of the "old" WDDM and a few notes on my experience with the beginning "new" WDDM.
-- BrEggum (2005-04-18 06:28:47)
I don't know how to make all the "odd type" marks to add this to Public Projects?
The marks before the [[ http://www.world-wide-democracy.net/Wiki/UnParliamentdd UN Parliament DD]]

Tks, Bruce
ps how to delete a page? i am mistake prone ------------- learn by doing :>)
-- BrEggum (2005-04-18 20:23:23)
If its a Wiki page, you don't have to write http://www.world-wide-democracy.net/Wiki/UnParliamentdd,
just UnParliamentdd will do.
In any case, there must be no space between [[ and the name of Wiki page of http://...
[[ http....]] is wrong, this [[http...]] is correct.
I added UnParliamentdd above
-- WddmAdmin (2005-04-20 00:58:04)
I also added (earlier) link to UnParliamentdd on the CitizensConstitution Page
-- WddmAdmin (2005-04-20 01:01:04)
I added WDDM name or new name internal project. Tks for the format help.
-- BrEggum (2005-04-20 06:00:36)