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Voting systems, methods and theory

Representative, just and reliable voting methods and system are prerequisite for the transition to DD and for the functioning of DD itself.

Nevada VOTE Direct
Range Voting
More (electronic) voting systems and theory of voting links

Estonia uses Internet for local elections
(Canada still struggling to get a fair voting system

GenerationBindingMatrix based om Cosmic History Chronicle Volume I(-7) as a modern noospheric perspective binding peoplehood

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i do not know if this the conduct way to invite members & anyone else interested to travel through another way of using the voting system in a democracy guided civilization (as my holland pretends so precious hard(ly) to be:-).
welll, if so ... and you're not in a hurry ... enjoy www.globalgeniusvoter.com ?
-- GlobalGeniusVoter (2005-12-02 12:38:27)