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Spanish Election BrEggum

Spanish Continuous Electoral System

Translated by Bable Fish
Greetings, I am going to write this to them with the purpose of creating debate on a novel frame, although something strange of ideas about the democracies and the present electoral system... the ideas that I am going to comment aqui to them could be an interesting way to confront undesirable characteristics of all the present democracies, but mainly, of the Latin American democracies. Not to make it long and heavy, the short version of the idea is but or less thus: In the old societies, the time scales in which they happened significant changes in the society were counted in hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. The politicos systems did not need to be flexible, because too many changes to which do not habian to adapt. God and the State was one. Soon the globe, and with but slips are put fashionable independentistas revolutions throughout that conquests are little by little settled down democracies inspired by the form of Greek government in their splendor. The democracies arise like an answer to diverse intellectual and spiritual searches that consider the societies. The democracies satisfy the necessity to adapt to the changes that the rigidity of the centralist and monarquicos systems they prevent. The best definition than exists nowadays of intelligence is the capacity to adapt to the changes. And the democracies hacian that better _ _ than monarquias. Let us return to the day of today. The free trade of values (stock-market lease) constitutes one of the systems dynamic but strange, studied and tie with the interaction of million human brains interacting in real time. For the investors they are crucial (to make money instead of losing it) the following prerogatives (in order of minor to greater importance): * To know to correctly interpret the fluctuations of the market * To know to interpret them on time One says that who is able to interpret the variations of the market on time he is also able to control economia. The capacity to adapt on time to the changes also is called intelligence to him The economic ecosystems, as it illustrates stock-market of values, have times of reaction that go of the order of day, until sometimes few minutes, since an effect happens until it has propagated to all the network. In dramatico resistance, the political ecosystems even have times of reaction today in day of the order of years, generally 5, that is the period average of exercise for the deputies, presidents and senators. The existence of this so abysmal imbalance between two systems so interrelated is unnoticed past too much time. To weigh its effects of exact way is dificil and dangerous, because the truth is that we do not know much about as these systems interactuan but that in the situations already known. But it is imperative to do something on the matter. The idea to compensate this desbalance is very simple. It consists of replacing the electoral processes like massive calls of periodic character, and transforming them into a process of daily action. The voter goes the day that better seems to him to the electoral office and changes his estatus of electoral support from a candidate to another one. Who is the candidate who exerts the position to choose in a while dice is that that counts with a simple majority of voters who support it. Today in day, the voters single have opportunity to evaluate a candidate or to decide if he is going to be reelecto, but never knows a priori as he is going to evolve until the candidate is indeed in the position, and once or its opinion little counts there. As the present candidates know this, profuse campaigns are made where it makes sure the voters who will take measures to improve certain aspects of the life. What passes despues of which they are elect is irrelevant, because its power no longer depends on it. In a continuous electoral system, to maintain the power means nonsingle to obtain a majority in a while given of voters who support it, but that after obtaining that support, the voters do not retire it in benefit of another candidate! This would reestablish the times of reaction at comparable levels between the political and economic subsystems, allowing that the diverse ecosystems of the society evolve of way more harmonious than since they today do it in day. Greetings, Charlls


The stability filters are forced object of of study if the systems of continuous election have to penetrate algun day in the been accustomed to heads of the national political leaderships. It is of this form because (since it has been left of a length but fruitful debate well clear) the point of greater weakness than presents/displays these systems of election to become practical systems is in the confidence in the natural stability of the mechanism of free political flotation. Just as in the economic case, where whenever it exists the open market will exist the possibility (therefore the fear) of the well-known flights of capitals, in the political case, to allow the free flotation of the political support means to face the fear to the constant ungovernability; to the flight of supports. Several important qualitative differences exist nevertheless: The supports represent natural people, are individual political actions that unlike a capital economic totally able to transmutar enormous monetary flows to traves of intermediary mechanisms of liquidity, estan prisoners to the national space where inhabit the citizens and exert that space of being able politician, and therefore the flight notion is not applicable in this context. Nevertheless absolutely convincing arguments do not exist at the present time (that are those of the simple one and sometimes mistaken sense common) that they discard absolutely that, in a scheme where the support that each citizen offers to his political representatives is freely modifiable by these, the floating pier that exert the common one of the citizens, now invested like last instance with the governability, does not fall in species of medi�ticas centrifuges who retroalimenten themselves with partial perceptions of the political reality, just as has happened of analogous way in numerous occasions where whole regional markets have seen the avalanche fall of whole sectors of production from the fall of I number limited of headings. A particular case of instability that these filters help to proweave is the phenomenon by ricochet that can happen when two or more candidates are in a situation of virtual tie, small variations do that the support to a candidate superficially oscillates several times and below its competitor, causing that the elect position changes of hands between both in lapses of weeks. Although estadisticamente this is an improbable occurrence, the elections of the 2000 in the United States and the problem of count in Florida demonstrates that this happens Of course, the solution that at the present time occurs to the problem is a not-solution: That is to say, it is solved the problems that the free electoral flotation would bring doing because it does not exist, avoiding totally its exposition, imagining that all this good as it is. If indulgiendo hardly in something, restricting that underlying expression to compulsive instantaneous photos and publicitadas, taken in established lapses from arbitrary and rigid way. This way to come remembers the type to me of not-solutions that uses the extreme traditional left to solve the problems that the free market creates; To prohibit all individual economic activity, to filter the coordination of all production from the state, as soon as allowing to basic expressions completely of production auton�ma, etc. It is in this context that we give importance him to the filters of electoral stability, because still maintaining margenes of stability in normal circumstances reasonable, it will allow a true flexible expression of the popular will, a genuine exercise of the political liberties. So far we are going to introduce two of the most important filters; * The temporary average The temporary average establishes that the present effective support of each option is equal to the average of last the 30 days of real the daily support of each option. Its interpretation is simple; it smooths the abrupt changes in the political support that can be originated of the temperamentalidad of one more a circumstance than of the rational considerations in cold. * The transition strip This filter arises from the analysis of the case where two candidacies are closely together of the other. This filter establishes the following thing; so that a new option is elect, it must exceed at the moment to the option in position by 1% of the present electoral support of the option in position. If two options to senator (one in functions and another one competing by that position) are in a competition very closed, that that this competing by the position, if it even exceeds slightly in support to which it is in position, does not become the new elect senator automatically. Instead of that, it will have to surpass to the elect senator in a 1% of his net support. If it gets to obtain this additional 1%, so that the senator who finishes leaving functions returns to be elect, this will have to increase his support now in almost 2% to overcome the recently elect senator. This way so that it by ricochet happens the undesired phenomenon between two candidates with very similar supports, the difference between the supports between these will have to oscillate with an amplitude of 2% of recurrent way, phenomenon that estadisticamente is impossible that it stays of prolonged way. The idea of these filters, as we said, is to generate confidence in which the systems of continuous election can highly get to be adjustable at the particular realities of each society, preserving an efficient level of stability and confidence, governability and legitimacy. Charlls charlls_quarra(-- AT


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