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What makes us Australian & who l am


What is it that has made, Australia the country it is?

About My Self:

l live in Roxby Downs, South Australia. Work at Olympic Dam Mine, and employed by BHP Billiton and as a Maintenance Supervisor in the Smelter Area. Have a wife & three children that live here. Twice run for the Federal seat of Grey in 1996 for the Australian Democrats and in 1998 as an independent.

Became involved with the David Syme Organisation run by John Seale & Don Veitch, who went about educating 100's of Australians of how the system really works.

Both have had involvement in politics to high levels. A party was formed called the Australia Commonwealth Party, their aim was to try and get 1500 people around Australia spread through the electorates to challenge the politicial parties - the Liberal and ALP. They had 500 attend National Conference in Melbourne in 1998 that produced a Manifesto all fields of which is a great document. They run course called National System Economics for Australia - 50 tutorials, and a Political Candidates Course, 30 tutorials of which l completed.

Wrote many books:
National System Economics
Agriculture & National Unity
Manufacturing & National Unity
Beyond Common Sense
Who Owns Land
McEwens Way
The Social Laboratory,Australia Under Labour 1972-1975
Hansonism-Trick or Treat
Gangs,Counter- Gangs & Other Political Crimes
Outline Of An Industrial Science
The David Symes School of Economics
Secrets Known Only To Bankers
Postwar Reconstruction In Australia
The Harmony Of Interest
Measuring The Productive Power Of Australia
The Adam Smith Conspiracy
From Soho to Mount Pelerin
The Tariff Controversy
From Nabobs To Nationals

The work that John & Don put in is amazing. In the end the group became so infiltrated by the establishment that they had to disband the party. Don was accused by the Courier Mail as being the brains behind the successful of One Nation in the Queensland Election where they won a lot of seats.

I believe that it is near impossible to tackle the established system front on, with the forces that they have working against you.

The overwhelming majority of people are looked after very poorly by the political system.

Consumers have done well out of the Free Trade agenda. They are able to access cheap imported produces.

Deregulations has cut prices on most agricultural produces. With the more and more deregulated labour market wages have been forced down, except if your a top CEO.

Free trade politics is doing great damage to the wellbeing of ordinary people throuhtout the world.

Martin Jackson
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Lets get off our bottoms, roll up our sleeves and fight for democratic system of government, peacefully

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