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What difference would a Democratic Political System make to my life


Why should l be bothered with it? My life isn’t to bad?

Please go through the below list then think for moment

Fairer wealth distribution
Fairer tax system
Fairer banking system
Fairer law system
Fairer trading & tending systems
Better disputes settlement
The elimination of wars
Better education system
Better health system
Develop better relationship building processes
To improve peoples overall quality of life
To give everyone the opportunity to travel the world
That no one lives in poverty
That the mentally ill are properly treated
That our roads, hospitals, school at kept to a good standard
That the environment is maintained for future generations
That everyone can afford to own there own home
That people own there own businesses outright
That in the workplace has democratic system is introduced, people will work together in a co-operative way, a body to oversee & enforce this approach.
Ensure the National interest of the country is uncompromised.
Induce system of training to teach people how to be good parents, & supported through out the parenting lives
Ensuring the best of science is put out into society

Some pretty good reasons to be bothered

We need to get away from Political systems that serve the rich & large corporations
This is really “possible” it is not just a dream

What’s stopping us lets get it up and running

We overwhelming have the numbers & numbers is power let use it.
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Lets get off our bottoms, roll up our sleeves and fight for democratic system of government, peacefully

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