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How should democracies be changed?

Interesting results of a poll held by Virtual Global Soc Dem Party.
Copied from their Yahoo Polls
Poll closed May 28, 2007
48 votes cast
Only 8.33% of the participants favored some sort of Direct Democracy (answer e.):

All results:
- a. The modern nations which are usually meant by democracies do not need to be
changed. No other form of government has yet been shown to be better. - 1 vote, 2.08%
- b. Most established democracies require only minimal reforms within their existing
structures. - 5 votes, 10.42%
- c. It would be better if each country could choose a single beneficent leader who would
appoint all other government officials. - 1 vote, 2.08%
- d. The democracies must be torn down and replaced with regimes which are less
imperialistic. - 3 votes, 6.25%
- e. They should be replaced with new regimes which would be more "bottom-up" direct
democracies run by the people and not by a wealthy elite. - 4 votes, 8.33%
- f. They should be replaced with new regimes which should be anarcho-syndicalist in
political structure, ecologically-driven, and economically socialist. - 2 votes, 4.17%
- g. None of the above propositions offers enough improvement over the modern
democracies. - 10 votes, 20.83%
- h. None of these propositions adequately reflects the definitions of democracy accepted
worldwide. - 8 votes, 16.67%
- Other propositions. - 8 votes, 16.67%
- I don't know. - 6 votes, 12.50%

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