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Harmonization + Localism: A Model for a Democratic Global Society

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 overlapping communities? 
 Mirek's example of 'two communities' sharing the same area is interesting. I would say that we are really talking about ONE community, which has found a way for two different cultures to exist within itself. I would say that at a macro level, this community is practicing harmonization! It is, perhaps, a model for what I am talking about.  
   2005-05-31 05:20:26 by RichardMooreReturn
Comments by readers...
 Switzerland itself is probably also close to such an example: you have three or four different ethnic communities that found ways to coexist. Although they are not completely intermixed, but different communities dominate different cantons. 
   2005-06-10 02:58:00 by MiKolar
 Yes. Both examples, however, are only "harmonization-like" at a macro level - they demonstrate the principle of "getting along together" rather than "struggling against one another". But they aren't examples of the deep kind of mutual understandng and synergistic collaboration that I mean by harmonization. 
   2005-06-10 03:48:53 by RichardMoore

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