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Getting Started with editing your WDDM Wiki Pages

Help with TERMINOLOGY: If you need to learn about the meaning of a word used in this help pages, the best place to start is Wikipedia. In your browser's URL (address) field, type http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ followed by the word (starting with a capital letter) you are inquiring about, for example, to find out more about blogs, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog, or about Wikis, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki, etc. In an article on the given subject doesn't exist yet, you will be redirected to Search links.

When creating new pages do not use the reserved page names such as MyPages. These reserved names are listed in CategoryWiki

Navigation in Wiki: There are many ways to navigate. First of all try all the links in the top menu (second line from top starting with WddmWikiMain). You can also use the Search box in the lower right corner of each page. Type in this box what you are looking for, and hit the ENTER key.

(This is just a short introduction customized to WDDM circumstances. Links to complete Wikka documentation are in the box on the right.)

Initial Home Pages for new users (WDDM members) will be created when their registration (in WDDM Forum) is completed. Your username is also a (Wiki) link to your WDDM home page.

You can further edit your Home Page, and create new pages linked to your Home Page. To get an idea about page editing, just double-click on any existing page, or click on its Edit page link at the bottom left.
Practice editing in SandBox1 or SandBox.

To create a new page, one way is to put its name (a WikiName) into the text of an existing page. It will appear there as a link with dashed underscore in red. One can then click on this link, and thus create a new blank Wiki page, and start editing it.

One can also create a new page by cloning an existing page. To do this, simply place /clone at the end of its name in the URL field of your Internet browser. For example, you can start a new page by cloning the UserTemplatePage.

You will become the owner of the newly created page. By default, all newly created pages are readable to the whole world, and writable to all WDDM members. All WDDM members can also add comments to your pages. The owner of a page can change these settings after clicking on the Edit ACLs link at the bottom. You can choose to limit editing and placing comments to yourself only, or to a small working group.

The page owners can of course also allow anyone (all anonymous external visitors) to edit and/or add comments to their pages. But then, please, they will also be responsible for removing all the malicious/advertising spam that may appear on their pages.
We do not recommend that you allow non-registered WDDM users to edit or comment on your pages.

Including {{nocomments}} on a page will turn off the capability to add comments to this page.

You can get the File Upload capability on a page.

Mark a personal page by typing [[Category Users]] at its end. For other types of pages, put at their ends a different suitable category name from the List of all categories (see the Grouped link in the top menu).
Please note that when you actually apply the instruction from the previous sentence, Category Users must be typed as one word with the space between Category and Users removed. Here the Category Users word has a space in it to prevent this page from being considered a definition of new category (because whenever one puts, in whatever context, in the text of a page a WikiName that starts with Category, the name of this page automatically appears in the List of all categories).

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