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Most of all, to make this project work we need you. This is all about people explaining their thoughts and feelings, fears and desires. It is a place to recognize what is working right and needs to continue as well as a place to be inventive and correct errors and problems. The issue of "direct democracy" in which the people have the right to directly initiate law, constitution changes, social values, health, education, welfare, security (including military action and NON-action).

Please join and you can directly edit and write on these pages. Or you may simply add a comment on the bottom of these pages.

We are grateful for all you do.


The following is a group of EU Citizens who are developing a Draft EU Constitution. Please view their project and join them.


Datum: April 10th, 2005

We invite all to come to the Bulletin Board and discuss this European Constituent Process


Discussion on European Integration and Constitution

Cafe Babel has some interesting articles on this subject, see the links on this page:
Constitution, a step towards democracy?

For example A truly democratic EU? stresses the importance of Participatory Democracy, talks about decision-making preferably by consensus.

[[http://www.cafebabel.com/en/article.asp?T=T&Id=3858 No to Schr
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French rejected shit.
Referendum had nothing to do with EU. The French jumped
on the opportunity to tell the corrupted, incompetent
gang at the steer to go to hell. Including media tycoons
who in 90% argued for OUI clearly showing that they have nothing to do
with French people.
In the uncrowned kingdom of France people never had a
chance to vote directly FOR anything. They voted AGAINST
Socialists who ruined France with 35 hours etc. Then
they voted AGAINST fascist Le Pen and thus without wishing
it brought Chirac's gang to power. Now, they voted AGAINST
Chirac, Raffarin and Co.
All want EU, but not shity as this gang makes it.
NON is the real chance to consolidate EU on some bases
else than a loony bin.
-- GeMetanoski (2005-05-30 04:02:11)