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Definition of Direct Democracy

RE-Edited to reflect suggested changes July 09 06

I submit this for consideration and comment. We need to define what WDDM terms "DD" Direct Democracy. I will propose this be accepted as the WDDM definition of DD after comments and corrections. Please comment below, or submit a paper on this topic.

There seems to be confusion, with the idea that I&R DD intends to make all legislation by the people.
This is simply not true.

Althought the Autonarchy method would provide most rule by the people, there still needs to be departments, different processes, people employed in different tasks and supervised with some organization and accountabliity.

Using the Autonarchy Model all legislation would be accomplished by the people. However, this would require the people to structure the process. Autonarchy needs a method for all people to become aware, discuss, propose and vote on all issues of the community, nation. This could be accomplished by many means including paper ballot. Many electronic methods exist, however even the “bank card” systems are vulnerable to hackers. Of course the paper system can be compromised by unscrupulous people. A structure for Autonarchy would have to be developed “by the people” before it could be implemented.

Using the I&R system, the “politicians” still make law, policy, and “oversee” the community administration and affairs. The I&R system provides the people with a method to “oversee” the political body and directly affect that body.

These two systems are totally different. The I&R system cannot “make all law” and “approve all legislation” simply because I&R was not designed to do that.

Again, “the people” must develop the structure of “DD” for their own governments. WDDM provides examples and information on the basics of these systems; the people however must use this information to develop their own system, for their own governments, whichever they choose.

Of course this indicates another problem, i.e. what structure, process will the people use to develop their own system? Perhaps we can develop a “STARTER SYSTEM” (WDDM needs one itself).

Autonarchy is a Direct Democracy which eliminates politicians and the people decide everything.
This is a very good way to aim for. It may take a bit for people to realize they can do this.

This pamphlet Politics without politicians is an excellent description of Autonarchy
This is an in-depth look at Autonarchy http://www.autonarchy.org.il/

The Swiss developed a way that the people could have direct impact on government, and thus we have Swiss or I&R Direct Democracy. This is the example of Initiative and Referendums popular in the US and Europe.

Of course there are other methods, but the Swiss way is tested and workable.

Most governments provide for the people to petition their government. The Swiss provide a process to do this, and also have the power to impact government.

The European Union has accepted an Initiative and Referendum process for their government, insisted of course by the people of Europe. Much work from the people was required for this to happen. I have great respect for those who did this work.

A percentage of voters from the last election, usually approximately 1% are required to sign the "petition" for the proposal which begins the "initiative". The initiative is than examined to make sure it does not conflict with the Constitution or laws. It may be accepted by the government body, in which case no referendum is required. If the government body defeats the initiative, than it goes on to Binding Referendum, where the people vote and if passed the initiative is implemented or becomes law.

The Swiss review and amend their Constitution constantly. A referendum is generally held every two years on the amended Constitution. This is on going work, correcting and adapting the Constitution to changing conditions is commendable.

It is these simple systems of DD, (Direct Democracy) which WDDM is "selling".

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