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Daniel Rosen, Nevada VOTE Direct

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Daniel passed quietly in his sleep on February 7 of liver cancer after a brief illness. He was one of the better human beings to have ever walked this planet. He was loved and respected by everyone who ever met him, and he felt the same about every one of them. He will be missed beyond words.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." --Albert Einstein

Dec. 2005:

Hello WDDM,

I hope you may interested in learning about what we are doing in Nevada for
the upcoming congressional campaign. We've implimented new technology to
give constituents in Nevada's Second District real control over their
representative in Congress. You can learn more at:


Thanks to Miroslav for his very kind welcome.

You asked if our software is available to others. Yes, it is.

My new company, VP Systems (Vox Populi Systems), is making our Decision Management System available for other projects or organizations, and we will also provide ongoing maintenance of the site if desired. The fee would depend on the individual case.

We would be SO very grateful for any comments and advice you might have for us:
Send e-mail to DanielRosen

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Hi! What you are doing is a great thing!
Will the technology you have developped, be available to others? Under what conditions?
-- WddmAdmin (2005-12-02 02:08:12)
After reading in details all the pages of the NVD site, I can add the following:
I personally like all I have seen - it is exactly the type of the DD system that I advocate: Nobody is forced to vote on all issues, one can vote only on issues that are close to their heart. There is no minimal treshold in each "referendum" in terms of required percentage of all registered voters.
-- MiKolar (2005-12-04 20:22:10)
Congratulations Daniel on your win. Now all the best for the Novenmber election. I agree with Mirek's comments above. What you are doing is certainly causing some thoutht in Nevada on how much better it could be with a direct vote on issues.
Bruce Eggum Wisconsin, USA
-- BrEggum (2006-05-04 20:20:20)