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M. Kolar: Proposal for Non-Adversarial Decision-Making:
Combining the Majority Vote with Consensus Building"

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 consensus building 
 Sounds like inventing the wheel. Since the historic Arab/Jewish Forum of 1975 our
Cognitive Network supports Consensus Building. People vote, deliberate, get
convinced, change votes and the process is stopped when the consensus reaches
a degree fixed by Forum rule, general, or particular to an issue. Consensus is
evaluated automatically by bottom up inferencing procedure. It is not necessarily just
majority calculation, but a procedure customised by Forum which may include such
functions ans weighted vote (how important is that option for the voter), minority
protection etc.
This Consensus Building is there, implemented for 30 years and currently used
by our Forums.
   2005-05-23 05:42:50 by GeMetanoskiReturn
Comments by readers...
 Georges, if you click on "Read on ..." in the text, you will find out that Consensus has been practised for centuries, maybe for thousands of years in America. So neither me nor you have invented the wheel. However, it would be definitely be very beneficial to everybody, if you could write up, perhaps on separate page, in more detail your experience with Consensus Building. In more detail than what your Forum pages provide. Mirek  
   2005-05-24 21:29:11 by MiKolar

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