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M. Kolar: Proposal for Non-Adversarial Decision-Making:
Combining the Majority Vote with Consensus Building"

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(Inspired by Native American Experience)
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 Wikipedia on consensus 
 Interestingly enough, Wikipedia people also arrived at the need to have the 66% to 80% consensus.
Read the second paragraph here:
   2005-04-25 15:24:39 by WddmAdminReturn
Comments by readers...
 How accurate is rough consensus in percentage? As to the percentage of consensus, is that important? You will always have some hold outs. I would think a more important concern is the minority. If they are "persuaded" to accept a proposal, gaining their consensus, are they really satisfied or do they feel pressured? Are the minorities able to address issues important to them or are they always out consensus-ed? Do the "majority" cut health and education funding to minority neighborhoods? I believe a 50% + 1 consensus is enough to implement a proposal. It could always be revoked by the same method. To requite or expect 75% - 100 % would likely cause bargaining of votes, I vote for yours you vote for mine and develop lobbyists to gain and "negotiate votes. Back to "party's" Uff Da. Wiki rough consensus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Deletion_guidelines_for_administrators#Rough_consensus  
   2005-04-29 22:20:26 by BrEggum

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