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Hi everyone,


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Charter for WDDM (Draft)

I submit this as the Charter/Constitution for WDDM. Please comment and email any suggestions or chnges. You might also publish your own draft for consideration.
WDDM Org Plan and Development
June 24, 2006

DD Definition for WDDM (Draft)

We have no definition of WDDM's Direct Democracy. I propose the following and ask it be implemented.
Direct Democracy definition
June 29, 2006

Please ck my Doing Government page for more info on I&R&R and DD.
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You may be interested in this World Direct Democracy Forum. More people and ideas the better.

I found this EU Wiki http://www.anothereurope.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
It has good information and another organizational place.

Everyones a Citizen Baby

Education thoughts:

I wrote this with all the new UNION's in mind. America Union, European Union, Africa Union, etc.

The people reserve for themselves the power to propose laws and amendments to the Constitution and to enact or reject the same at the polls, independent of the Union / UN / US, which power shall be called the power of initiative. The people also reserve power at their own
option to approve or reject at the polls any act, item, section, or part of any act passed by the Union / UN / US, which power shall be called the power of referendum.
This is a re-write of Nebraska Constitution statute C III-1

Stephen wrote:
And we need to start the people with the straightforward understanding that the results of any referendum are direct democracy, including
(1)the administrative functions of the election of representatives and the recall of badly performing representatives, and (
(2) the legislative functions of
(a) the constitutional amendment referral from the legislature to the people, (
(b) the statute law referral from the legislature to the people,
(c) the people's petition process for the constitutional amendment initiative,
(d) the people's petition process for the statute law referendum,
(e) the people's petition process for the veto of a statute law, and
(f) the people's petition process for the affirmation of an existing statute law (which results in the legislature being constitutionally barred from making or amending law on that topic).

I will begin a few notes on how to use this WIKI from a new-bie position: (no guarantees, add comments too)

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