The proposed charter, excluding section 3 (mission statement) was approved by a vote of 2/3 of the voting membership. Therefore it is adopted (as of April 12, 2007). A copy is attached:

Approved Charter for WDDM - 4/12/2007
I. Charter Review and Adoption Process 

1. The sponsor for this charter proposal is Mark Antell. If 10% of the
membership second this proposal it will be considered a charter
motion. Due to uncertainties about the current membership, this
requirement shall be met by 3 seconds. (Sponsor's note: This
requirement has been met). The charter motion will then be posted
for a two week period of discussion and voting. The charter will be
considered adopted if it receives 66% approval by the voting
membership. Individual points of the charter motion are separable so
it would be possible, for example, to adopt several principles without
necessarily adopting any or all of the proposed business rules. 

II. Principles of WDDM.

2. Definition

Direct democracy means enhancement and broadening of initiative,
referendum and recall.  It also means improved methods for deliberation
and discourse. 

3. Mission Statement

Not adopted.

4. Organizational Goals. 

WDDM is dedicated to the study, education, and implementation of direct
democracy, deliberation, and consensus at all levels of governance from
the local to the supra-national level.  Our immediate goal is to
develop a multilingual global network of websites and offline efforts
committed to encouraging more direct democratic processes for public
policy decision making. 

5. Membership.

Membership is limited to those who tend to think that governance would
be improved by expansion and facilitation of direct democracy,
deliberation and consensus.  Members must also commit to review
proposals and vote on motions.  Further, members commit to civility
towards each other, and respect for minority opinions.  After all, we
have similar goals. 

6. Organizational Methods - commitment to direct democracy

WDDM will be an exemplar for direct democracy.  As much as possible,
decision making power will flow from direct vote of the membership. 
And we will strive to test and implement cutting-edge methods to
enhance deliberation. 


7. Organizational Methods - encouraging discourse

WDDM shall continue to maintain a Bulletin Board to which all members
may post proposals or opinions.  Many electronic BBS systems are
afflicted with a problem that they provide high visibility to the most
aggressive multiple posters.  The executive board shall propose (for
membership adoption) methods to calm this problem.

III. Business Rules


8. Structure

We will start with a very simple structure: a three member executive
board - elected for a one year term by majority vote from a self
nominated slate of candidates.  Executive board communications, and
other committee communications shall be open for review by the


9. Initiative. 

Initiative means a process which allows the membership to raise an
issue for discussion and to bring it to binding vote of the membership.

Any member may post an initiative for discussion.  If, after a
discussion period of no less than one month, 10% of the membership
agree to second the proposal, then it will be posted as a motion.  Due
to uncertainties about the current membership, for 2007 the seconding
requirement shall be met by 3 seconds.


10. Approval of Initiative Motions 

Motions shall open for vote for two weeks after posting.  Business
motions are adopted by a simple majority vote.  Charter modification
motions require a super-majority (of those voting) of 66%. 


11. Referenda on Executive Board Decisions. 

Referendum is a process whereby actions of a governing body are brought
to the membership for validation.

The executive board is empowered to pass temporary business motions;
however executive board decisions will be posted for referendum vote. 
A simple majority of voting members is required to confirm executive
board business motions.  Decisions not approved will cease to have any

The executive board is also empowered to interpret the charter, subject
to validation by the membership as above.