"Learning How to Fly" by Michael Stansfield

It is a book on how to build a direct democracy government for large scale populations that is more practical than the current representative form of government (republic). It is in the final stage of writing. The author presented it here for feedback on Dec. 18, 2007:

The book is still going through the editing process so I'm not really worried about spelling errors and grammar help as the editor will be looking into those issues. Of course I'm expecting questions. Each question represents something that I need to clarify or perhaps change. Also I don't just want to be on the receiving end. After all this is an attempt for a direct democracy so if anyone would like to swap work, I want to do my share too.

The book can be downloaded from here: learning_how_to_fly.pdf (1.23 MB)

Send your comments/questions directly to Michael Stansfield.