orldwide Direct Democracy Movement


- Milad Alshebani, Jamahir Society for Culture and Philosophy, Vienna, Austria.
Coordinator, Jamahir Society, Tripoli
Office. Member, RCM, Tripoli - Libya.
E-mail address: milad@jamahir.org
Founding Member, active.

- Shuji Imamoto, Ph.D. Philosophy, Co-leader, Political Forum of the Internet, Japan;
The Mutual Think-Tank "Challenge 21".
Member of the Rainbow and Green Movement, Japan.
And the Association promoting National and Local Initiative and Referenda.
E-mail address: imashu@kcn.ne.jp
Founding Member, active.

- Angela Ionita, Ph.D.
Informatics, Dept. Head, National Institute for Research and Development, Romania.
Technical author of several publications and books.
She has been the Founder and head of several Romanian technical and scientific association.
E-mail address: aionita@ici.ro
Founding Member, active.

- Franz Iseman, Former Dozen of the Goethe Institute, Germany.
Head of Language Departments of Goethe Institutes in several countries worldwide.
Representative of Mehr Demokratie, Germany.
E-mail address: mehr.demokratie@chiemgau-online.de
Founding Member, active.

- George Kokkas, Media Lawyer. A founder of the Forum of Citizens Democracy, Greece.
The local organizer and Chairman of the 2nd CICDD events in Athens and Delphi, Greece.
E-mail address: geoko@eexi.gr
Founding Member, active.

- Michael Mautner, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, New Zealand.
Author of 'A Constitution of Direct Democracy'.
E-mail address: m.mautner@eco88.com 
Founding Member, active.

- Jiri Polak, Ph.D., Sweden.
Author of 'Democracy, Direct or Indirect?' and other democratic books.
The main initiator of the 1st ICDD and organizer and Chairman of the local deliberations in Pribram,
Czech Republic.
Vice-Spokesperson of WDDM.
Editor-in-Chief, founder and publisher of the 'Newsletter of WDDM', published in Sweden/Czech
E-mail address: jiri.polak@swipnet.se
Founding Member, active..

- Ottorino Rizzi, Italy.
Author of To Lead or to Serve? with a section "Twinning": an idea to provide meaningful assistance by twinning rich communities and/or countries to help poor and deprived ones.
E-mail address: otto@hotelrizzi.com
Founding Member, resigned december 2001.

- Antonio Rossin, Dr. Neurologist, Italy.
Author, The Grassroots Bottom-Up Approach to Direct Democracy, and other democratic theses, focusing on Family Education.
E-mail address: rossin@tin.it
Founding Member, active.
Website/s :

- George Sagi, Retired Dipl. Ing. (B.Sc.) M. Sc. Canada.
Spokesperson of WDDM.
Author, A theory of Direct Democracy, and other publications.
Educator of DD. Founder of Participatory Direct Democracy Association, Canada.
Helping Hungarian activists to advance DD.
E-mail address: sage2509@earthlink.net
Founding Member, active.
Website/s : http://democracy.mkolar.org/pdda/

- Giuseppe Strano, Dr. Psychologist, Italy.
Secretary of WDDM.
Founding member of Associazione Democrazia Diretta, Italy.
Webmaster. Set-up the CICDD listserver, and wddm.org. and related functions.
E-mail address: gstra@tin.it
Founding Member, active.
Website/s :

- Mikel Gravel, USA
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2000, resigned: January 2001

- Mautner Helen, New Zealand
E-mail address: DirectDemocracy@go.com
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001, active.
Website/s :

- Simon Seong Muk Won, S. Korea
E-mail address: simon@asiaintro.com
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001, active.
Website/s :

- Bruce Eggum, USA
E-mail address: eggum@frontiernet.net
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001, active.
Website/s :

- Bernard Clayson, UK
E-mail address: bernard-clayson@shuartfarm.fsnet.co.uk
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001, active.
Website/s :

- John Suhr, USA
E-mail address: eleccity@aol.com
Website/s :