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Terry Jones's WDDM Home Page

I support the idea of a Participatory Democracy world wide, and hope to be see the democratic revolution of the world within my life time.

Some things I would like to see:
* World Parliament, elected equally by the worlds people, so that in 500 seat assembly, 1 seat represents 10-15 million people.
* Regular world-wide referendiums on critical issues.

Division of between goverment levels would be:
* World Government: Economic policies (eg: Tax collection, Unemployment benefits, etc).
* Country: Social (eg: Gay rights, abortion, etc) & Infrastructure policies (Ownership of hospitals, land, etc).
* State/Local: According to constitution of each country.

I hope that the world government would do following:
* Taxation, including fixed 20% allocated to countries according to population size.
* USD$5,000 (+) Unemployment benefits for each unemployed person around the world (similar to Australian system).
* Guaranteed minimum free health care for all individuals regardless of origin or country in.
* etc.

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