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Efstathios Skoufas's WDDM Home Page

My ancient ancestors gave birth to Direct Democracy almost 2500 years ago. It was for the Athenian Democracy which for the very first time provided the opportunity to all citizens of the community (unfortunately except for the slaves and the women) to express their opinion in open public without restrictions and boundaries independently of their social and economical status. Today, we experience a type of an oligarchic Democracy, which is limiting our voice, our needs and our humanism.
I am fed up with those who take decisions for me but without been asked.
I am fed up with those who make any kind of war and being defiantly imperialistic in the name of my prosperity and safe living.
I am fed up with those who believe that what i need is money and material goods.
I am fed up with those who restrain my potentials to contribute for the common good.
I am also fed up with myself for haven' t done anything so far to change all these.
Personally, i had enough. I can't keep it on like this anymore. This world and this planet has been born to be perfect, even through its imperfections. Ι can't stand watching the world falling apart because only few people decided to.
I believe it's time we acted and redefine human's boundaries.
I am willing to give up everything in the name of a righteous, holistic and equal society.

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