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Nicolas Durand's WDDM Home Page

Creator of www.enitiative.ch

An open platform where everyone can start an "enitiative" (like a Swiss initiative), which will be discussed online, voted for and, if qualified, brought forward for an action.

It is, in my eyes, the practical future of Direct Democracy (the only missing part is the digital certificates, so that votes really count!).

The system is multilingual and multi country.
As of right now, the following web sites are online:
And hopefully many more will follow: the more there are, the more citizens of the world will unite and request DD from their governments!

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Thank you for developing these sites. Unfortunately I have had small luck getting people active enough to utilize such excellent equipment. Hopefully as young people with internet experience run head into government oppression, they will seek to network and do something. ATB Bruce
-- BrEggum (2007-07-01 19:48:12)