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Nicholas Roberts's WDDM Home Page

From November 2008-January 2009 a Media Cooperative Pilot Project will be run by Nicholas Roberts and Cameron using the Octapod Association as a base to develop the self-sustaining Media Cooperative. The main 5 sub-projects will be

1. Media Cooperative - media democracy, democratic and civic media, state of media generally, social media and participation age, and the feasibility of establishing a global multi-platform media cooperative. The economics and politics of media in Australia and the world, the concentration of ownership, the propaganda model of the mass media, including the new media. The state of community media.
2. Coop Australia - the state the cooperative sector in Australia, stories from the frontlines of Australian cooperators, the history of Australian cooperation, the effects of neoliberalism, the last 30 years, responses to the current economic and polotical situation
3. Permaculture.TV - a rich media, video, audio and text multi-platform media project about the permaculture movement worldwide. It’s effects locally and globally.
4. EcoBurb.TV - ecological suburbs, information, people, products, topics, stories from the suburban renaissance via community gardens, street revivals, public transport, urban gardening. Stories about the retrofitting of homes and gardens, individually and collectively.
5. http://WorkerCooperatives.com - the local and global worker coooperatives scene. The stages, players, dramas, comedy, tragedy and hope of the process where people take control of their own destiny by taking over their work places, and creating democracy in their own workplaces. Looking at worker cooperatives in Spain, South America and the USA. Broadly looking at the solidarity economy and a response to the wreckage left by the financial and ecological crisis
6. Australian Social Forum

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