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Dear directdemocrat and worldcitizen! (wddm)
Hereby I inform you that I started a new blog www.unitedhumans.wordpress.com
Title: DIRECTDEMOCRATIC NOMOCRACY, I will update every month.
Please support directdemocratic nomocracy which is the aim and the object of direct democracy (The rule of directdemocratic law).
You are welcome to become follower and can come with comments. We directdemocrats can keep contact and can collaborate to save and to better the world as soon as possible.
Thank You
Friendly Fred

It is no good idea to give our vote to representatives, politicians, delegates, secretaries, presidents and leaders of any kind to rule over our heads! We united humans give our vote only to create basic e-laws (one human one vote). We united humans accept only our e-law as the only leader and owner of everything. The rule of law (nomocracy), is the only right global governing ever!
Compare: In Latin LEX REX (the law is the king).

A website for democratic united humans of the world and world-citizens!
The nations, the nation unions, the religions, the languages, the national flags, the conservative traditions, the money, the market economy and similar, belong to the history. Let us use the word “global” instead of “international” and UNITED CITIZENS or UNITED HUMANS instead of UNITED NATIONS.
We united humans support simple direct democratic laws and rules that, every human bean can understand and agree with. Information technology allows us all world-citizens to create our own global laws to own and to govern the entire world. We can if we want! We need only to stop authorizing politicians with our political vote which is predestinated to elect laws and not persons to govern over us.
Do you give your vote to parties and to leaders? Or you refrain and demand global direct democratic e-laws and nomocracy?
To give the political vote to other than to create global e-laws to govern the world, is the most not democratic and the dampest one can do in the time of a flowering Information and Communication Technology, ICT.
“Article 1. (The universal declaration of human rights)
• All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”
Bla, bla, bla… please make it reality now!!!
“There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government” Albert Einstein.
“I am not Greek, I am not Athenian! I am a world citizen”. Sokrates
Here presents extremely important truths that everyday doesn’t talk about, the potentates and the mass media. Simple thoughts based on common sense and logical thinking.
When and who will be the first to start seriously to talk about basic global e-laws and to practice direct democratic nomocracy ?
Which will be the first political party to apply direct democracy and nomocracy inside the national party and to make direct democratic nomocracy the goal nr 1 for the national party to be introduced in the society? Many experiments on community level exist already.
Politicians, journalists and scientists please leave the mendacious diplomacy by side! Ask your consciousness and your common sense and tell the truth to all.
Dear world citizens and united humans protect the environment and support the humanity, keep the basic global e-law in your own hands. Become sure that democratic nomocracy is the only right solution to all the global socio-economical problems and to all global problems ever.

I am thankful for comments: fred.blomson@hotmail.com
Please see also:
www.unitedhumans.wordpress.com in English
www.nomokrati.wordpress.com in Swedish
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