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A Dreamer's Republic
DreamerRepublic is a project designed to engage and empower the people of Canada in the politics and governance of our country. Many people feel disenchanted and underrepresented by our broken electoral and political system and we hope DreamerRepublic can channel this energy for meaningful change into learning, discussing, and the demonstrating that real democracy can work. At DreamerRepublic we post every serious* government bill in the "Commons" along with links with relevent information, so you can learn more directly about the politics of our country and where you stand on issues today.

We hope DreamerRepublic will bring people from all backgrounds together so we can discuss and evaluate the Bills of Parliament, and set an example, that democratic alternatives exist.

Polls indicate that actual majorities of Canadians would prefer a government that pursued peace,as opposed to war, sustainable and equitable developement, as opposed to free market capitalism,and governed in a transparent and democratic manner. Democracy is about more than just parties and talkingheads,it is about how well we are represented.

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