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Mary's WDDM Home Page

I am the chief executive of the non-profit, non-government organization "Academy of Direct Democracy" and we are the Ukrainian organization which aims to build direct democracy in Ukraine, Easern Europe and thus bring peace and justice all over the world.

Academy of Direct Democracy (an English summary is at the end of this page)


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Welcome Mary, We need help in our WDDM Organization, in organizing and prepareing to be liscensed as an organization. I agree with your goals that Peace and Justice are necessary and need Direct Democracy to be realized. Does your group have a Web Page? All the Best, Bruce
-- BrEggum (2006-07-13 05:16:46)
Mary it is great to see the name of a women involved in Direct Democracy,l recently saw a story on Transnistria which borders your country,which doesn't seem like a nice place to live,with it's giant weapon stocks,what is life like in the Ukraine,more than likely a struggle,
Regards Martin Jackson Of Australia
-- MartinJackson (2006-08-03 05:36:51)