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Attending the conference of World Parliament Experiment

Yogesh Saxena
March 17, 2008

The everlasting impact of my journey in my dreamland, Germany during the period of attending the conference of World Parliament Experiment, and my further visit to France, Belgium, Austria, Rome, Florence and Venice has left the scar and has been eroded forever on account of violation of Human Right in India. As soon as, I stepped inside my home land i.e. India, I suffered a set back of having no place of sitting at platform in anticipation of arrival of the booked train after few hours, which gradually converted to half of the day without any accountability of the erring Official. Since the Rampant corruption is ascending in alarming situation and so far its galloping race is not halted on account of character assassination of the employees and officials governing the nation, some thing crucial is required to be done to eradicate corruption apathetical attitude towards public by infringing their human right.. Wake up India against it ,otherwise it will be too late for Indians. There is complete apathy with the suffering of the people, who have already undertaken the Journey in some other nation, where accountability of the officers is immense and proximate to the human right. It was just like that some body (Bird) flying in the sky, and there after he was pushed by the wind in opposite direction, from where, even to maintain an equilibrium for the survival of that bird flying at high altitude, may become impossible. Thus the poor bird may be compelled to think over that what was there in flying the air. No man can protect his dignity and Human Right on account of lethargic attitude of the Employees, who have become corrupt and Money Gurgler, eroding the very foundation of people, from whom they are having the enumeration for their survival and Livelihood.

Is India worth saving? Is democracy worth saving? These are the two fundamental questions we must address now - before it is too late. Indians values are disappearing rapidly as we lose our independence and our sovereignty. Every Indian is having the debt upon him at the time of his birth of 140 dollars, which is equivalent to Rs. 6000/- each. According to the calculation of World Bank in 2005 , India was ranked as debt ridden countries list at Seventh place. It was undergoing through the debt of 165.4 dollar upon each Indians.

This has happened with me after arriving here from European Nations, where I was invited to attend the world parliament Experiment 2008 (WPA 08) at Bonn, Germany. It was a tedious journey full of glamour, as it was beyond my expectations that one may travel on the same tracks by undertaking his journey inside the Inter-se-16 Countries Railway services., Inter cities Railway Journey, travel through fast moving Buses and Trams, as well as by own private cars, through cycle and the pedestrians on the walk will be passing through same tracks without confrontation. I undertaken my journey through Moscow to Düsseldorf ( Germany) on 2.15 A,M. on 21st Feb 2008. I reached Moscow at about 8.15 A.M. on 21st feb. 2008. From here, I have to change my flight to catch one Airbus carrying very few passengers upto Düsseldorf ( Germany). I reached their at about 9.45 A.M. It is worth while to mention that there is the difference of 4.30 hours earlier in Germany. After the immigration and custom checking, I was received by my sister Sandhya Saxena at the Airport itself. She has taken me on the short drive to her Small well furnished flat, where I have taken the Tub bath in open Sunlight, as the roof of the flat was covered with the strong glass. There after she had taken me on drive at a distance of 25 K.M. to a hospital in orthopedic ward, where my Maternal Uncle, on account of dislocation of his back bone, was operated on his spinal cord,. It took another hour, when I finally reached to his residence at kerkern. This place was located inside the Village, and there were beautiful farm houses with full of systematic farming and for generating the electricity. There were big wind fans roaming by the flow of air to generate electricity. The right hand driving was without any rider or obstruction on the passage. The speed of car was regulated by the computers and every where in Germany, the police was patrolling as to provide a check on the crime. It was the second Floor of the house, where I was offered to stay during night and since it was already late, I could not visit my shops to purchase Indian vegetarian food items. Any way Sandhya left me their and there after she went to her home, which was located in Düsseldorf.

On 22nd feb. 2008, I visited the local market along with my aunt and also the local Bank, in order to convert my 500 euro currency note to small denomination of currency. I was taken to the big market, the churches of different sects and also to the Buddhist disciples, as the entire family of my maternal uncle is pure vegetarian, like many other Germens and they have the keen interest in learning Vedic traditions and Upanishads. Every where there was the clean air and the garbage is stored in the Garbage Containers according to its variety. One may not find that polythene bag is lying in the garbage of Tissues papers and biodegradable substances were placed to use them as fertilizers. They were eating only the substance of food Items, which are cultivated upon the biodegradable substances like the extracts of the wood and Leaves, which were in abundances. There was plenty of teak woods plants, "Seesam" trees, and other plants which are generally found on the hills. The whether was like the whether of Simala, Chail, Menially, Darjling and of other Himalayan cities. It was resembling to the whether of Pathankot, Chandan-Wadi and Amarnath as will as of Gulmerg and Tunmerg in Kashmir. There was full of Oxygen and one may take pleasure of riding on the Hilly Tracks in Germany.

Since the Opening session of World Parliament Conference was scheduled from 23rd Feb. 2008, I was dropped there by Sandhya and there I was offered to stay at the residence of Mr. Kristofferson Kiomall located at Kreuzherrenstrasse-53, across the Rhine River in the City of Bonn, Germany . It was located near Limperich Railway Station, where there was no office to purchase a ticket, Except the screen having display of the Charges to different destinations. On the next date,I was traveling about 14 stations to reach at Tennenbusch Mitte after crossing Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station) at Bonn. However I was told that I have to reach Tennenbusch sud, which was located one station prior to the said station. The place of Conference was lying at the walking distance. However on account of pronouncement difficulty in Dutch language, I could not reach there, except after being fetched by Dr. Rasmus Tenbergen, the Executive Director of WPE08 at Bonn. However the other day the venue of conference was changed to the Main Hall at the University of Bonn. The university was lying within the walking distance from Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station) at Bonn. Thus I started coming to this place on foot from Kreuzherrenstrasse-53, across the Rhine River in the City of Bonn, Germany. It was in the night of 24th Feb. 2008, that when as per the instruction given to me by Mr. Kristofferson Kiomall, he will be available at home after 10 P.M., I reached there on foot at about 10.30 P.M., I found that there is no light out side as to inform the gentle nan about my arrival at his home. I rang to my uncle and when he rang again to him then the door opened after one hour. This has given me a lesson to come early. On the next day after attending the conference, I saw that some miscreants are chasing me from a long distance and stop their car on the blockage of the road and waited there for my arrival, but knowing their evil design by my sixth senses for probably snatching my movie Camera, Automatic Zooming Camera, My mobile of Samson and 600 euros, which I was carrying along with my bag , I stopped there till they have not fled away from the spot. However when I proceeded ghastly to reach at the place of my destination, I was fallen on the slop near the bridge, which was near the Railway Station Limperich and being injured on my forehead , I reached the place of Mr. Kristofferson Kiomall located at Kreuzherrenstrasse-53, across the Rhine River in the City of Bonn, Germany. Thus I have made up my mind not to take the risk any more as there is no one even to understand my language of conversation. I decided to undertake my Journey on Eurail Pass ticket to France, Rome, Venice, Austria and Florence. In the conference, I was made moderator on the first day and there after I was allowed to address the August gathering of the people assembled there to attend this conference.

In this process since the time was very short and I wanted to visit other Important cities of Germany like Frankfurt, Stud guard, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg, I have purchased the D.B. Bahn ( Railway Ticket with reservation Coach) as I may travel during night and may visit these cities during day time. I am really indebted of my sisters Sandhya, Usha and my Uncle Sri Ram Mohan Saxena and his Wife for there affections. Sri Ram Mohan Saxena prepared the delicious Indian food preparation all the time. He has given me the gift, which are very valuable for me. My aunt has taken me on long drive to Abbey café, and old Kerkern , Where the Hitler during 2nd World War , on account of being suspicious on Neither land Spying racket, had conducted the rigorous Raid on the said Church.

However the reception, accommodation delicious Indian food dishes and the treatment given to me by Sri Harro Jensen and Uta Jensen, with whom my family meet at Sarnath, Varanasi, is of no expression in this writing of my sentimental outburst. She greet me in Hindu tradition and offered me the "KHEER" made up of best rice. They offered me the place of Bhantey Ji for Sitting and also the room for my staying during the night. The three storey house hang the construction on wood was excellently decorated with precious Collection. The offering of every potential, which this family of Mr. Harro Jensen was having in her contributions to provide it an permanent impact on the memory of their association with a strange individual is of no compression. Sri Harro Jensen has taken me inside the tunnels below the River and simultaneously on the highest Bridge, as the water of such river may not provide the blockage to transportation. The sight lacks, the churches were marvelous. Mr. Harro Jensen has shown me the big Ships lying across the River, the containers and other Storage places of Carpet, and the Chinese cabins meant for staying of the tourists. The buildings prior to the 2nd world war were duly preserved to show their heritage. I was taken inside the different underground trains and was invited for introspection. He has taken me to Indian Restaurant namely Kashmir Hotel run by the Couple belonging to Amiritsar, Punjab. The Paratha and Kofta, Paneer with beans and the rice was delicious as that of the five star Hotel. On the next day , I proceeded to take the sentimental departure , I could see the sentimental breakdown of Smt. Uta Jensen, when she left me to depart with her husband as he may show me the beautiful place again. Number of gifts for my Children, my wife and other friends were offered by them. Then I have taken a ride in the Ship, which covered a long distance and there after came back to the site of our boarding in the train. H e wanted to show me every thing and always taken the care of my baggage and when I insisted for lifting it by my own then he said me that in case of my insistment, he will get me, being uplifted on the other soldier. There was the true relationship developed by Mr. Harro Jensen and Uta Jensen as both these couple after completion of 52 years of first marriage, are having three children and their grand Children. I could see the trust of Friendship and since Mr. Harro Jensen have his date of Birth on 2nd march, he was having the zodiac sign the real Aires with the Mars in its full broom and his wife was Virgo. They were having the marvelous collection of Pottery, Sea Side Collection, Collection of Beautiful Flower and every thing at his house was auspicious. I can never forget such reception in my life.

Gradually the time ended in my dream land as the time of my departure arrived very soon. I was boarded in the Train at 7.4 A.M. to reach Düsseldorf from Neo-kern ( New Kerkern) . The timing of the train is sharp edge time schedule and the train , even not arrive late by few Seconds. I reached Düsseldorf and from there I was required to reach 17th platform from 7th platform. The language was heavy. Then I took train upto Air Port Düsseldorf. I reached at 9 A.M. there. The departure of my Flight was scheduled at 10.40 A.m. on 6th March 2008. This flight through Air Bus again has taken the time of 5.10 hours. I reached Moscow at 15.50. Then I was required to wait upto 20.50, Which was the time of the departure of my plane. It took about 6 hours and 40 minutes to reach at Indira Gandhi International Air Port at New Delhi. The mental agony started only thereafter. On the Air port , I was subjected to undertake a rigorous standing of 3 hours only to have my Immigration check Up. Thus I missed my train schedule to depart at about 7 A.M. for Allahabad. Thereafter I purchased the ticket from train scheduled to depart at 16.30 P.M. from Nizammuddin Railway Station . Delhi. At the last the moment, there was announcement that the train will now depart late and is expected to depart at 20.40 O Clock. Thus again the untold story of mental agony of the person, who was provided accommodation in 5star Hotel during night in Germany, only on account of the delay of 10 minute, as the connecting train from Munich to Düsseldorf was not available due to late arrival of such train from Hum berg. It was already 36 hours sleepless journey undertaken by an Indian in Europe, Who was craving to reach at the place of his destination at Allahabad, U.P.in India.

The continuation of dynastic rule by Gandhi era has become consciously or unconsciously the foreign Rule. No one Single handedly may elect the representative of the voter to the electoral college. The concept of spirit inherently personal choice of the voter to get their representatives in electoral college has been completely vanished. Exercise of liberty vote is overburdened with !) to evaluate expression less action performance at the behest of the people in power2)to select the candidate as representatives from the limited choice imposed upon the voters by party system 3) to express their adult franchises like a illiterate voters amongst the limited choice between the rascals nominated by party as god fathers mainly on the basis of money power or by choosing an idiot, who may be ruled with remote control even on the post of President and Prime Minister 4) Criminals may be given free hand to take a political decision under the garb of appeasement 5) Nehru- Gandhi nexus which remain responsible for creation of Pakistan has again risen their heads to divide India , Pakistan and Bangla Desh in many Segmentations. This is virtually the Concept of Rule of majority vote. The country is being dismantled after more than a half century of nation building. On 26th January, 1950, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar said that India will become Independent Country. India has been lost by it's infidelity and treachery by some of our own people. The invasion of Sind by Invader Mohd. Bin Kasim, as the Military commanders of King Dahar accepted the Bribes and they refused to fight. It was Jai Chandra "Arjun", who invited Mohammad Ghori to invade Sri Prithivi Raj Chauhan and promised help of himself and of the King Solanki. History has been repeated in case of Afzal again. Their will be another hijacking of Plane to get him release. The attackers on the Court premises are well protected by these traitors living in our country and killing the so called infidels under the banner of Jihad?. Our independence , after creation of Pakistan is again in jeopardize and probably we may loose it forever On 23rd Feb. 2000 , Sri K.R. Narayanan, President of India promulgated " The National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution by a message:- Right of vote under universal adult Franchise gives Right and opportunity to participate Every men in Democratic process and select a Govt. However we all know that the election system in India may not get the rid to the system of Corruption, Crimilisation , money, nepotism , favoritism and Muscle power. Home Minister of India accepts in 2002: - There are the defect in election system, but it is difficult to blame for it to the Government, it's officers, and to the Political Parties. Sri Bimal Jalan said that Common Citizen is concerned about Administrative apathy, Corruption and failure to provide Promised benefit to the poor Farmers. India is ranking Highest in the Global corruption level of World. Here is dismal Ranking in Human Development. We may see poverty as the caste to the people is placed above for elimination of poverty, alleviation, hunger, Illiteracy and health. This problem is Systemic and never projected like Episodic to the people. We are losing control of our most important industries. As we give up domestic ownership of our assets, we lose the most exciting and challenging jobs, which too often move to the new corporate headquarters outside India- and young people who want those jobs must follow. It's part of the brain drain. In effect, India has become a victim of "Globalization". We are told this process is both inevitable and good. It is only inevitable if we let it happen. It is only good for twenty percent of the world's richest and most powerful people. It is bad for the vast majority. We need debate for participation of 1000 people for electoral college candidates in future election process to come forward and eliminate the monopoly of limited Choice for selecting the representatives by the voters. There must be the implementation of systematic Solution , even at the cost of absurdity and obsessive- ness in the defective system. We have to search the effect- cause and relationship in reformative trends. There may be some strategy to represent majority of farmers for making a proposal to provide them the cost of International Market. There may be tortuous liability and lesser faire policy of functioning be made accountable. Let criminals may know that Crime is a bad Bargain to them. The license Quota System be abolished and Religious activities be prohibited on public Premises as secularity of nation in multifarious religious country be Maintained.

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Thank you Yogesh Saxena for this description of your experience in Germany and your home India.

I sense the "globalization" combined with the "leadership" issues of your country have taken a huge toll on you and your country people. It seems this "rule" is all over, the few give the commands to the many. How can this be?

If the many join together we could no longer be dominated. Can we join together? Can we talk and make posters and help the people of the world understand we must join together? I think so but it takes a great deal of effort and desire to make things right.

I have a much respect for Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD who has been "educating" the world about the troubles of his home people in Palestine. He has worked hard and people are joining him in this effort. I see people in the USA changing the ideas which were "taught" them. Now the humanitarian rightness is coming out. Certainly the issue is far from resolved but a growing number of world people could make a resolution possible.

What a great example Maxin has shown us. This is what we must do. We must join together looking at the common needs we have and together work toward resolution. The WPA is a good organization working toward this goal. There are other organizations too, joining together toward the same aim such as WDDM.

Thank you for your efforts, for your comments.
Bruce Eggum Wisconsin, USA
-- BrEggum (2008-04-17 04:32:45)