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Ethics guidelines for contributions to WDDM site

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MiKolar: I propose to have something similar to what is on my DD Meeting Place:
Any postings/comments on the WDDM Wiki have to be related to the improvement of democracy, and/or its expansion towards greater participation of all citizens and eventual achievement of Direct Democracy (DD). Anything else would be considered a misuse of this site and removed. In particular, anything discussing the inferiority or superiority of an ethnic or other group, or spreading misunderstanding among peoples is considered detrimental to the goal of improving democracy. (Various ideas, proposals, actions, etc. should be judged strictly on their merits, not on the origin of their originators or protagonists. Not even implicitly should ethnicity play any role in the discussions of democracy.)

I also propose to completely ban any personal attacks on the publically visible WDDM pages,
and to try to minimize personal disputes (attacks) in the Mailing List and on Internal pages.

I like and propose to adopt Wikipedia's No Personal Attacks policy
It starts with:
- Do not make personal attacks anywhere in Wikipedia (WDDM). Comment on content, not on the contributor. Personal attacks damage the community and deter users. Nobody likes abuse.
- Different contributors may not agree on an article. This may reflect fundamental differences in real life. Members of opposing communities reasonably wish to express their views. The synthesis of these views into a single article creates a better, NPOV article for everyone. In order to create this synthesis of views it helps if we accept that we are all part of the same community as we are all Wikipedians.
- Be civil
- Stick to good Wikiquette
- Work towards consensus - interestingly enough, they also arrived at the need of the 70% to 80% consensus level rule!

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