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We people have little real input into our government. The government does what it wants, we elect them and that is the end of it. If a President has their party in majority, it puts to much power with only "their" ideas. Presidents are CEO's or Managers of our country, and should do only what the people have authorized. This bloody war, based on lies could have been avoided if common sense people had read the reports and voted to war or not to war. Why should one person be given the authority to war, killing tens of thousands, wounding tens of thousands, costing billions of dollars?

It is time we have Iitiative and Referendum for all our governmental systems, local, state, nation, global.


Here is an accurate article. You can GOOGLE and find all kinds of documentation of the points made here. I suggest we earnestly develop a I&R&R System.

1. What it is now,
2. What could happen,
3. What it could be like.

Iron Fisted America

By Charles Sullivan

11/14/05 "ICH " -- -- Understanding the collective American psyche is no easy task. To those living in other lands we Americans are an enigma. Indeed, we are an enigma unto ourselves. To others we appear foolish, dim-witted, cowardly and morally bankrupt. To allow the rise of a fascist regime to take power is compelling evidence for those views. Let me try to explain why.

Nothing in America is what we are told it is. Whenever the president speaks
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