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Tony Adeney's home page

My publishing work is done as a professional hobby on
subjects that are of interest to me. Profits from
books sold go towards funding direct democracy

Tony Adeney age 42
2004 - Published of 24.1 The Case for Direct Democracy
- looking at corruption within the UK government and
asking whether the electorate would be better served
with a limited form of direct democracy. Published by
dot one publishing

2004 - Set up http://www.directdemocracyinternational.com/
- a forum relating to direct democracy and linking other
democratic organisations.

2001 Published Life Shouldn't Be A Pain - an analaysis
of psychoanalitical counselling techniques and drug
therapys for dealing with stress and depression.
Published by dot one publishing.

Other projects including films, video and TV scripts
for various film and television companies.

1995-2005 Owner of a marketing advertising company
based in London with clients in the UK, Spain and the

1985-1995 Art director and copywriter working at
Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising London Including
clients as diverse as British Airways to Avis Cars and
many others.

Degree in animation from Newcastle Art College,
various. School education Gilligham Grammar school ,

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Hi Tony,
Appears you have done a lot of work in DD area. Awareness is so important so your books and other media info are so very important. I often wonder if much of the drug alcohol problems do not stem from government oppression.
Thanks for all you do. Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA
-- BrEggum (2006-05-04 22:55:32)