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How to organize the human community to globalize it for changing the present idle UN into an efficient Democratic World Government?

It is obvious like daylight that the present UN is totally fail in performing its responsibilities and showing helplessness in solving some global issues effectively. It seems that it is become like a house Maid of some countries now a days. Therefore, as such the human community is urgently required an Organization like a Government at World level that could be politically well equipped to solve all global issues/problems with out any discrimination and its decisions/actions mostly based on democratic principles, so that it may be obeyed World wide.
But the question is how the present dispersed human community could be organized for a World Government keeping in view its present divided status on the base of nationality, Race and religions. As such it is impossible to organize it for World Government under the present circumstances/Orders and the prevailed identifications of the human community.
Therefore the human community must be recognition on new grounds, which not only must be according to the requirements of the new millennium but also organized it in a sensible global manner.
The future identification of human beings will be based on Profession, because the start of the new millennium is herald of Professionalism. So, as such the prevailing grounds of recognition “which has dispersed the human community in to so many small States/Groups and usually creating conflicts among them” are required to be given up now and identified it in new grounds on global manner.
The following identification on Professional base is possible to be adopted for the future. So that not only sustainable peace, prosperity and global justice could be restored but also to globalize the human community for Democratic World Government during the new millennium.………………….

(P-I) Thinkers Types of Citizens.
Bar Associations, Barristers Associations
and Chamber Associations etc.
Ministry/frame of Work.
Law & Justice/Parliamentary affairs.

(P-II) Curative types of Citizens.
Doctor’s / Surgeon’s Associations, Nurse Unions and
Paramedical Staff Association/Unions etc
Ministry/Frame of Work
Health, Environment and physical activities.

(P-III) Technical types of Citizens
Engineer’s Councils/Associations etc, Technical Staff
Unions etc.
Ministry/Frame of Work
Engineering, science Technology, transportation and communication affairs.

(P-IV) Instructive

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I believe with world government you will be helping the International Bankers,that is their goal,with the EU and African Union,is apart of working towards this goal,Ricardo Semler proved with education all levels of his business could voted on everything,with great success for the business.
A lot of the best inventions, people that invented them, didn't work in the same industry as what they invented.
Regards Martin Jackson
-- MartinJackson (2007-01-28 06:03:12)