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There is much controversy about the name WDDM. The name is official from the original WDDM organization.

I thought this was a "new beginning" for WDDM, and although there would be changes in the process, the goals of bringing information about DD & I&R&R to the people would remain.

Mr. Sagi has now falsly accused me of hauling WDDM from list-tin-it to Yahoo. I have pointed out his error about this in the past. He also stated Giuseppe Strano was not a founding member, he was. This old WDDM business will likely drag this new effort down the tube the way the old WDDM went. Therefore:

I BrEggum do here-by make a proposal titled Proposal 1 Name Change
WDDM shall become a new orginization, with it's own mission statement, goals and a new name. All decided by the members of the Organization.
Sincerely, Bruce Eggum

An annoymous passerby made this proposal titled Proposal 2 WDDM WIKI
WDDM WIKI shall become a new orginization, with it's own mission statement, goals and a new name. All decided by the members of the new WDDM WIKI.


The "Original" WDDM documents are in the WDDM Archive

Archived information prior to 20 04 05
Now apparently some of the original WDDM Folk would like to keep this new initiative separate.

Jiri Polak (related item):
If some of the original members of the WDDM do not wish to reform it according to Mirek
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Made page 05 20 05 on wddm name or another BrEggum
-- BrEggum (2005-04-20 06:12:36)
Let's recall, WDDM has been originally founded at Athens-Delpi on June 2000 as a democratic means for cooperative proposals, initiatives, efforts with the aim to facilitate the democracy final users to implement Direct Democracy. Personally I do not see any need for any competition about the WDDM's name, its Founding Documents, its "new beginning", etc.
Let's therefore keep on with the current WDDM as it is now, and let's go onwards to work-out people-centered initiatives and proposals - unless of course the current WDDM structure would be proved insufficient. On the other hand, if some WDDM member(s) think(s) that there could be a better name or structure for DD purposes elsewhere, let him-her-them feel free to attend any such parallel organization eventually, with no restriction for their WDDM membership.
-- AnRossin (2005-04-25 08:47:01)
December 10, 2005 I now, after years of confusion believe I understand. The ORGANIZATION was licensed, made official in Greece. Antonio recently states: WDDM has born at the Athens' 2.nd CICDD meeting, thanks to George Sagi's U.S.# 100 for its international

Thus the organization became official.

This was the Licensing process.

However, a Website was desired, and a Domain Name was necessary. Thus, the secretary Pino Strano bought the name WDDM.ORG and I believe he still has paid for it out of his own pocket. At least he had yet early in 2005.

Thus, Pino held the NAME WDDM.ORG and Sagi held the LISCENCE for WDDM.ORG.

Both are needed. however it seems nobody used the terms correctly thus many thought there were two names.
-- BrEggum (2005-12-10 18:47:11)