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Zoran Minic's WDDM Home Page


My name is Zoran Minic, 31, from Belgrade, Serbia.

Well, i was born 23.12.1979. in Belgrade. I recognize myself on left side. It was very difficult time because Yugoslavia collapsed and war begun. So called Socialist party of Serbia with Slobodan Milosevic started to spread nationalism and shovinism everywhere. I was against it of course, but i had very tough time because even so young i had strong political opinion against regime, and i was against pro imperialist parties, too. People who ran the state called themselves "socialists", opposition was mostly nationalists, and i was neither of that. I like to read a lot and when i red Manifest, in a split of second i recognize myself as communist. So i started to read left authors, anarchists.... Then every party here which had prefix communist support Milosevic and they were shovinists, btw. almost all of them were titoists. At that time i started active struggle against regime with some bourgeois democrats, social democrats... They were small group, but at least they were not nationalists and pro Milosevic. Even young and not student yet i took part in student demonstrations with my I started to print flyers against regime, and opposition, against capitalism, war, church... In High school organize strikes, and collective boycotts. Agitation was permanent, but results were very weak. Everywhere around me were nationalists, or pro western (capitalism) people. I took part in every political demonstration against war and regime. Then Nazis came. First small groups, and then more and more. I was very active in Anti-nazi movement,and took part in street fight with them. It was in Belgrade of course, where i live entire life. After NATO bombing, i went to Law school University in Belgrade. I continue to fight political. In faculty, i formed several left organizations, Social Front, Campaign for Free Education, No to NATO, Progressive University Society Dositej Obradovic. I took part 2000 in big demonstration which bring down Milosevic regime. Nationalism was more or less beaten, but imperialism was not. Then i started to fight against actual politicians who want capitalism, EU.... 2005 i finished Law studies and started to work as volunteer in law office. After tree years i pass Bar exam and now i work as Lawyer. I would be very honored if I can join You.

The only Direct Democracy is Democracy!

Comradely greetings,

Zoran Minic

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