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Miroslav Kolář's WDDM home page

My Motto: The world would become a much better place if everybody made it a habit to try to imagine the state of mind of others, including their opponents and enemies. You don't have to agree with them or condone their acts, just try to understand their motives. In order to avoid making decisions that could further escalate various conflicts. Let's try to make the transition from the adversarial to a cooperative world!

Some of my pages:
Democracy could work without politicians
Direct Democracy
Direct Democracy Meeting Place
Eco Tips
'Translations for Progress - still takes a lot of my free time right now, but those volunteer translators could help us to achieve the goal to become a multilingual hub, and the site is becoming a great networking tool by itself!

A quote from Ideal Democracy with with I fully identify:
- Consensus, although not always a practical form of democracy, is the ideal. Consensus-driven groups, i.e., Quakers, some indigenous groups, peace groups, and others, sit patiently through tedious meetings; but the result is absolute autonomy and power for each individual as well as absolute cohesion, focus, and power for the group. Majority-rule divides a group and stiffles discussion; consensus-rule unites a group and produces compromise decisions.
- In an ideal democracy, every participant needs equal opportunity to bring up new issues, equal opportunity to participate in every discussion, equal opportunity to vote in every decision, every opportunity to change his vote in response to discussion, and equal weight in each vote.

Perhaps the Ideal Democracy described on the right will never be achieved completely, but we should always have it before our eyes as the only true goal.
There are many different ways how to make little advances towards this goal. I think that all of them should be tried, even if not everybody believes in the effectiveness of all of them.

I accept the fact, that the world will never exactly be as I would want it because there are billions of other intelligent humans that may have other preferences.

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