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Some thoughts and ideas of mine - interested in your ideas


Setting up review groups of technical information, must pass personality profile for role to ensure correct people
Sporting traditions how to deal with them (they bring out some of our worst qualities)
People believe that we do alright out of being dishonest
Debate of idea’s, ensuring it is fairness
Vote on policy with majority vote the winner
Set time for review (should be given good chance to work) have emergency people review if there is strong evidences of policy not working properly
Is there any need for regional or state organisations
Need transition to democratic system
In built prejudices
People dislike change
The local government population coverage would be important e.g. 2000 people per council. need about 6500 for 13,000,000 million approx. adult population (Based Ricardo Semler book Maverick-Keeping business units small & efficient)
The importance of the consumer, people having money to spend.
World body- its structure “possibly the United Nations body made democratic & answerable to the people of the world.
We are all a produce of our up bring & the culture that we are brought up in.
There not such thing as the perfect human we all make mistakes?
Since the existence of humanity we have not developed any good systems of government for the majority of society, what is proposed here is the best possible system of government we can have.
How many people feel that society, has wrong them at sometime?
That l cannot be bothered?
Beer & prize mentality?
Control of interest rates?
Should 23 years old as start of voting age, as brain is at full development.(Recent medical discovery)
Younger ages, still have them put their idea’s forward, & have their say.
If there is strong support to lower the age, or for pacific topic then it should precede.

Clovis Bojikian is the name of the man that l believe, should go down in history, with the credit, for what is the best system to use with humans, “get them involved the decision making process”, true democracy,it works.
Refer Ricardo Semler book Maverick.
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Lets get off our bottoms, roll up our sleeves and fight for democratic system of government, peacefully

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