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My Blog on Good Government

My blog site has more details then this site and is further developed

Proposal for the Reform of the present system:

Federal/National and Local/Regional Government and the process.
1. Psychological testing of political/council candidates - to suit the portrait of the ENFJ - The Giver & ESFJ - The Caregiver, refer to the below hyperlink

2. The government is made up of all the people elected to parliament/council by the people.

3. As group they will decide who is leaders and the ministers/councillor (a review done every six months).

4. There will not be no opposition, just general debate on each topic & the majority vote, deciding, what is adapted.

5. There would be a question time in which “the electorate driven questions from the people, to the ministers/councillors responsible.”

6. Issues would be weighted by importance by public surveys, each matter dealt with in order (opinion poll groups will feed the information to government).

7. No need for cabinet, all parliament/council involved in process, council to involve people in process, a transparent process where public is keep in form on all issues.

8. Parliament to elect an adversary groups on things like economy, judiciary, company & business issues, currency, overseas trade & government departments (all have to have democratic & transparent process, with information feed to the people).

9. Any policy that is driven by a public vote, once the majority winning vote of the public is decided , this will be automatically accepted by parliament as the peoples will and passed to the responsible government department for implementation.

Presentation of policy idea’s - from Academics, Community Groups, Associations, Industry Groups, Unions, Political Parties,student groups and Individuals

For both federal & local Government:
There will be a television, radio, & computer channel & newspaper devoted to policies presentations, to cater for people different ways of life.

Each will be able to make a 10 minute presentation to the public.
Presenters can refer people to website
Presenters can send out more information by mail

Once all idea’s have been put forward people will have a week to consider there vote.

After the week of consideration then people will vote, which will go to the electoral/voting commission, by either computer vote, phone vote & mail vote each person eligible will have their own voting code number, there will be independent scrutineers .

The majority vote wins and will be implemented
Process will follow the below order for federal & local
One week on Federal Government issues
Next week on Local Government issues
Repeated throughout year

Make your voice count
Don’t be just one more person in the crowd
Your opinion is always interesting
Under the present systems- Women have fewer employment opportunities, promotion opportunities and financial opportunities than men, if you are a women, participate, & change this biased.

The best qualities in people are when they are involved, the worst qualities come out where people are only able to pass comment.

Lets get something very clearly the overwhelming majority of society are decent & responsible, & that is why our societies function as well as the do, even with the present system of government.-Let make the change & get involved.

We will take the pressure off the individual politicians & put back on the people the issues that we feel are important to our every day way of life.

This type of political system, will be nearly impossible to corrupt.

It is lot easy to influence a few people, it’s a lot harder, if it’s the whole population.

Not that big money interests want still try to influence the way we think, we will need to be vigilant.

The best qualities in people are when they are involved in the decision making process, the worst qualities come out when people are only able to pass a comment, so lets get involved & bring out the best in people

This political process, could be applied to any country in the world, the thing that may change could be the way of voting

  1. Consider these pages and you will understand why we need to change the government process:

Every empire (super power) ruler has been brutal in maintaining it's dominance, it still applies today

Lets get off our bottoms, roll up our sleeves and fight for democratic system of government, peacefully

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