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Have been watching undesirable, undemocratic power politics for long. Observing common man's response to political gimmiks of pretentious political leaders. Absence of knowledge about true democratic fundementals, Origin and development of democratic thoughts, values, principles; ultimate installation, implementation and practical performance of the self governing freedom of individuals performing collective responsibility. Ignorance, poverty, illiteracy, segmentation leading to deprivation of Human Rights and buying the invaluable votes by enticing offers of cash and kinds. Unabated violence during elections and unworthy, mean minded ruffians getting to the top by litterally snatching away the votes of the meek and weak populations. With strong minded service to humanity by upholding democratic values through intensive campaigns, public meetings, pamphlets, circulars, notices and relevant approach to put democracy in place.To teach Dircect Democarcy to every individual for the spread and stability of the system.

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