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Our current system in South Africa is so much better than pre 1994 but it lacks accountability. The primary allegiance the proportional representatives have is to their own political party. The 50% of the local government councillors that have a constituency can at least be identified by the electorate but still are not accountable. We, the electorate, are the shareholders of South Africa Ltd. and employers of our politicians. We choose them and pay their salaries. We must be able to directly control the politicians.

A combination of:

1. Constituency (Wards at all three levels of Government)
2. Top-up proportional representation
3. Portfolio positions (Ministers etc)
4. Recall of politicians (firing of politicians by the voters before the end of their 5 year term)
5. And referendum with initiative mechanisms where the electorate can reject or propose legislation and change the constitution.

should work the best for the employers of politicians, the voters.

The ANC would have won 80% of the seats on a constituent basis. The top up proportional vote would counter this. The ANC that obtained 69% proportional votes would then not receive any proportional seats, but would be able to appoint ministers as extra positions, as would the official opposition appoint shadow ministers. A political party that did not win any constituency seats but obtained 2% proportional votes would then be allocated 2% of the seats.

An employment advert for a politician in South Africa under the current system (and generally throughout the world) should read as follows:

Applicants are requested to submit their CV's for the position of politician:

1. The interview will last for a number of months.
2. Many thousands, or even millions, of your potential employers (voters) will decide whether your application will be successful
3. Should you be successful, you are guaranteed employment for 5 years unless you resign, die, are found guilty of a serious crime (we can talk about this one) or upset the group of people (political party) that you choose to be employed with.
4. Your CV does not have to be accurate or truthful
5. You can ignore your employers (the voters) for the whole of the 5 years, and even go against the wishes or your employers.
6. Your employers are relying on your goodwill and integrity, to act honestly and with dignity. But if you choose not to, there is nothing that your employers, can do about it.
7. Your employers understand that the basic rul

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