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Jawahar Lal's WDDM Home Page

We are living in a terrible world. Environmental degradation and social dehumanisation are the most fatal challenges before the human community. If the present trend continues, all bio life may go into extinction at the end of this century.

There is no democracy anywhere in this world. The on going social system is nothing but THE CORPORATE CAPITALIST SOCIAL SYSTEM. Under this system money and power is concentrated in a few hands. the sole aim of the players of this system is to make more and more money by destroying all the natural resources of this planet. Present corporate capitalist system is the most brutal and ruthless.

An alternative pro nature and pro people social system can only save our planet. People-led (direct) democracy, upholding firmly the nature-Human Cetric agenda is an urgent requirenment of the present era. There must be direct peoples control over all the political, economic, cultural and security processes. Right from the village level to the UNO level, people should decide everything. Real peoples empowerment is the real answer to all the seious challenges being faced by the human community.

I will support any initiative at any level which promotes the ideas of Direct Democracy.

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