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Thanks Mirek for the help. I will leave this for a bit below as "directions".

Now to get on with Initiatives,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I started a page for people from the US here USConstitution
Now, I would like to develop word structure which would provide for I&R in a constitution. Some I&R is dependant on the governing body to make law and structue of how the I&R will work. I detest this as it immediately places the power in the hands of the governent. They could delete the whole I&R Structure with one vote.

I therefore think that the "article" for I&R should only be changed by referendum approval of the people. Thus the people or the government could propose changes (petition) however the change would not take effect unliss passed 50% +1 by referendum.

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You must have done it somehow, otherwise the above question would not be here. :-)

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