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How the site http://www.thegreatexperiment.net/ was created

I (WebMaster) asked how many people have contributed to the drafting of the above Citizens' Constitution, and got
(Dec. 7, 2005) the following reply from the site's maintainer:

Well it started back in college days with an arguement with my professor, he stating that direct democracy was not possible on large scale populations and my belief that it was.
There was been about 5 of us total that put the constitution together. For while I was communicating the ideas with a chatroom called American Candidate which was a proposed TV show on Fox, like American Idol, but unfortunatily never made it off the ground.
Yours is the second of two emails I have received from the site. The first was from a democracy party in Brazil.
The Constitution itself expanded and developed over the last 8 to 10 years of personal study. The Initial members have for the most part moved on to other things I guess, but I still keep in contact with them from time to time.
The purpose of the website is to truly start a constitution that originates from the bottom up within practical methods to achieve of government that gives the maximum representation to each citizen, aka a direct democracy where every individual could participate.
The counter shows that there has been some traffic, perhaps a few hundred clicks, but as to how long they were on the site I do not know. I truly appreciate email and hope to hear your ideas and what your thoughts are on the constitution proposed. Every line is open to change for the purposes of refining or expanding the ideas there in. I hope you take something positive out of it and I hope to learn from your thoughts as well.

Michael Stansfield

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