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WDDM Home Page of George Kokkas

WDDM 2005 Founding Member

Organized a DD gathering (Contemporary Ecclesia of Demos) on the Island of Rhodes

Recently participated in the #rd international DD conference: http://www.world-wide-democracy.net/thirdconf/wddmeo.html

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Dear George,
I thank you for your work toward DD in the EU and elsewhere.
I agree it is well that we work directly with youth for the DD project as does Lee Gotlieb . Lee advocates a non profit org so we can raise money to finance the pamphlets, papers, web sites, travel, advertisement etc. I also agree with this.. Here in the USA we also need officers, job descriptions etc. to be licensed. Obviously there would be no responsibility without a structure. Government of all things needs accountability and responsibility for it's actions. There must also be structure for WDDM, and if the "workers" violate that policy, structure they must be held accountable. DD does not allow people to be unaccountable.

Therefore, I suggest we establish a structured WDDM, also a Non Profit Org, connected to WDDM. Although a "place" must be found to license WDDM, it will remain in cyber land and without borders.
ATB Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA
-- BrEggum (2006-05-04 21:28:51)