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I am an Independent Presidential Candidate in the 2008 election.

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Where Presidential Candidate Frank McEnulty stands on the Issues:

Frank McEnulty stands behind his beliefs and challenges all other candidates for the Presidency to state where they stand so that the voting public can clearly see what the other candidates believe in.

I believe we pay enough in taxes and need to better manage our money and simplify the tax system.

I believe people should take responsibility for their own actions and their own lives.

I believe that that we need comprehensive immigration reform based on strict enforcement of the immigration laws currently in place.

I believe the United States should not try to be the world’s savior, but has the moral obligation to "help" where and when it can do so at the request of the local people.

I believe in God, family and country and that they belong together.

I believe that the President of the United States should put America - not his or her political party - first. The President is an American before a Republican or Democrat.

I believe that our military should never be used for political purposes, political gain or to advance an agenda.

I believe that all people are created equal and that all people should be able to be equal in all things.

I believe in a strong separation between the branches of the Federal Government and in strong state’s rights.

I believe that judges should be judges and leave the passing and changing of laws to the politicians we have elected to do those jobs.

I believe that people are truly entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but that no one is entitled to much beyond that unless they work to earn it themselves.

I believe that political correctness is a real threat to open and honest dialogue.

I believe “Anything is Possible in America” and if we all work together for the common good it will continue to be that way.

As I continue down my campaign path I will expand further on the above and other beliefs. It’s hard to actually believe based on the reporting in the news media, but the election is still over a year away and a lot can happen in that period of time. I am encouraged every day by the people I hear from that tell me I am on the right track and I strongly believe that if everyone continues to help me get the word out we can and will make a difference in the next election.

A lot of the political talking-heads claim that the final Presidential candidates may be people that aren’t even on the national consciousness just yet. With continued effort and your help, there’s a good chance they will be talking about my campaign in the next year on the major news outlets.


Frank McEnulty
-- FrankMcEnulty (2007-10-03 18:36:23)
“Anything is Possible in America”

In this week’s email, this is what I’d do about:
* Our dependence on foreign oil
* Our crumbling infrastructure

The biggest job of the President is to be the leader of the United States of America and work to get what he believes are the right programs moving forward for the country as a whole. Congress can pass the laws and the American people can bring pressure do what is right, but the President needs to have a vision for the country and its future.

My programs will be designed to strengthen the country for the long-run and get us back to being the world leader we once were. My programs are not designed with the next election in mind or in keeping a specific party in power, but rather for the greater good of all Americans. Here are two ideas:

First, the biggest problem facing us now and for generations to come is our dependence on foreign sources of oil and oil in general.

We need to immediately start a “Manhattan Project” for energy independence. We put a man on the moon back in the “dark ages” of technology and I firmly believe that we have the brain power to come up with solutions to the world’s energy problems if only we apply ourselves and our resources to the task. We are quickly on our way towards spending $750,000,000,000 (that’s billions) of your tax dollars on the war in Iraq. If that money had instead been pointed towards new research and development into fuel cells, hydrogen, solar, wind and other technologies, I believe we would already be well on our way to major break-throughs in renewable and alternative energy solutions. The world and the United States would be much better off if we weren’t all relying on a small region of the world for the lifeblood of our economies.

I believe it was the Shah of Iran who once said that oil is far too valuable to be used as a fuel and in many ways he was extremely correct given the thousands of products that we are able to derive from oil. Besides being an extremely useful fuel source, oil is an extremely important component in thousands of products we use and rely on everyday. Wouldn’t it be better if oil was preserved for those uses and we were able to find our energy elsewhere?

The only way to bring the price of oil down is to make it less valuable and the only way to do that is to develop alternative energy sources that can replace oil in everyday life. Not only would this be good for the country and for the future, but it would also go a long ways to reducing Greenhouse gas emissions.

Second, our infrastructure is falling apart and needs to be fixed.

We, as a country, are losing billions of dollars every year in lost time, damaged vehicles and wasted fuel. We have a Federal gas tax that is supposed to go towards our infrastructure, but that has been wasted and mismanaged until we find ourselves in the position we are in today. For that reason, I would propose an additional ten cents a gallon gasoline tax that would be specifically and totally earmarked only for highway improvement projects. It could not be “stolen” for the general fund, it could not be borrowed for other items, it could only be used for roads and bridges. The highways, freeways and bridges in our major cities and in many other parts of the country are in danger of collapse from poor maintenance and lack of capacity and we, as a country, need to do something about it both for now and the future.

That’s it for this week. There will be another email next week in which I will describe how my administration will be different from that of a major party President.

Please pass this along, visit our website at www.frankforpresident.org and, if you can, contribute to the cause. Any amount is welcome and will be greatly appreciated.


Frank McEnulty
Presidential Candidate
-- FrankMcEnulty (2007-10-03 18:37:22)
Can you comment on how you want to increase the participation of citizen on the decision making process? What elements of Direct Democracy are you going to use/promote in your campaign and then in your office?
-- MiKolar (2007-10-24 01:35:34)