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Current Operating Proposal from EricLim copied here from the Mailing List, April 22, 2005

I would like to propose the following amendments to the Current Operating Rules under Rule II therein:

1 The current Rules I and II be amended to Rules II and III

2 A new Rule I as follows be adopted:

I There shall be two categories of members: Ordinary Members and Associate Members.

1. Only the Ordinary Members shall have the powers to amend the Current Operating Rules or the Constitution of the WDDM.

2. All motions, resolutions or decisions made by the Ordinary Members only shall have primacy over those made by Associate Members or by Associate and Ordinary members.

These are the advantages arising from the above proposed amendments:

1 No one would be refused membership of WDDM. Those who fail to be Ordinary Members could be Associate Members.

2 Associate Membership could be open.

3 Some time in the future when we have a core membership of, say, 100 or more, we could introduce a further requirement that for application for Ordinary Membership an applicant must be a Associate Member of not less, say, 3 months. With this requirement, we need not vote blind for acceptance of Ordinary Members like what we are doing now. We would have a real opportunity to make an honest assessment of an applicant for Ordinary member and casting meaningful vote for acceptance or otherwise of the application.

4 It would be more difficult for hostile or alien forces to seize control of WDDM in future by a sudden influx of new members, especially after we have accumulated resources or influences for WDDM. This is because the Ordinary Members would have an opportunity period to adopt counter measures to such an eventuality. As it is, because of our small membership number, we are vulnerable to a surprise takeover in future.

Should my proposed amendments to the Current Operating Rules under Rule II therein be adopted by the members, then the necessary resultant amendments to the Current Operating Rules are needed as follows:

Current Operating Rules:

1. Accepting new members:
1. A new membership application is sent to all the current members for review.
2. An applicant will be immediately accepted if not more than 20% of the current members will have any objections to her/his membership.
3. An applicant shall be an Associate Member if his application for Ordinary Membership is not accepted under 2.
4. {To be deleted}

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Original Clause 1.3 in the last paragraph of the Proposal before amendment:

"An applicant shall be an Associate Member if his applicant is not accepted under 2."
-- EricLim (2005-04-23 00:19:22)