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I will write a few ideas I have on WDDM and such here for consideration:


It seems a great possibility of getting lost in WIKI. No road maps or compasses. LINK LINK I must remember to LINK!. (Like hacking a tree to find the way out of a forest) The possibilities are endless as far as the imagination will go. Of course, there is a limit to all this ,,, who has time to read it all.

Structure is necessary, but there seems to be a contradiction with some DD'ers, that DD means no hierarchy. It may be that a cooperative type structure, where the people decide the direction to take, or the policy's to follow is more in keeping with DD, But to implement the policies, to take action on a project, requires someone with a certain knowledge to make it go. That person or persons, assigned to DO a thing, must have the ability and authority to make decisions, give directions and yes orders, to people so a thing may be accomplished. Than too this is how we learn things, from others who have that knowledge.

It would be a losing Army, if all the troops went off in different directions according to their personal whim.

A good example is this present WDDM. We have decided to use Mirek's model, and are dependent on him to teach us how to do it. Wiki is totally new to me. I need Mirek and Leopoldo and anyone with some experience with WIKI to teach me how to use WIKI. I can see great possibilities but I can also see without direction, it could be a stream of different routes to many different destinations. I don't want to go on a scavenger hunt! I want to have a purpose to what I do etc. This can be accomplished with a WDDM Mission statement. Than we need to set realistic goals which can be accomplished. Than we need to decide how to accomplish the goals. This means a plan of what actions to take, who will be assigned the tasks, who will coordinate it etc. Yes, there will be some bosses!

This is what undid the old WDDM. The First meeting after the founding, the founders met to make specific goals and plans, add structure with policies. They also were going to develop job descriptions, add more "jobs". They would not call the officers, er officers. They were spokespeople, and such. This was the fear of hiearchary.

Well, there was a conflict with a Senator who wanted to change the name, and the fears of someone "ruling" or "dictating" became astronomical. That I believe was the illness that plagued the old WDDM. If the WDDM had made structure, where all power was limited and assigned, all of the fears could have been averted. The WDDM itself would have been the assigned power. It is like writing an I&R. IF the I&R depends on the Reps to make the I&R law, than it is not the peoples I&R. WDDM must write structure for itself, which keeps the powers in the hands of the WDDM members. Of course their "power" begins and ends with the WDDM organization, but that would establish WDDM as an organization and give it credibility. We are beginning to do that. We do not have to rush, we are now looking at a mission statement.

I suspect we are beginning to see the need for "some" structure. Now I want to remind that it will be "our" structure. WDDM makes it's own. How can we make a decision by consensus, if we have no way of knowing what the members want? How can this consensus be done without a vote? If a vote is needed, than we need an election policy.

There will be other policies too, as we see the need.

There is more, but I believe this is the essence of the problem with the old WDDM.




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You have a number of very good points. Please click on my name hidden at the bottom of the main page of WDDM, you will see many proposals that never been put out for discussions changes and for subsequent votes...
-- GeSagi (2005-04-29 19:43:39)