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WDDM Home Page of Didier Coeurnelle

I live in Brussels, Belgium. I am 43 years old, a lawyer, working as a civil
servant in a Belgian federal ministry.
My mother language is French and I also speak English and Dutch.

I am member of the Green parties in Belgium (Ecolo and Groen). My interest
is going to the establishment of democratically created World rules (among
others by referenda and first of all about human rights). I am a member of
the "Coalition for a World Parliament and World Democracy" -

Best greetings,

Didier C.

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Hi Didier,
Glad you joined WDDM. I agree democratically created world rules and human rights are important items. Without justice, there is no peace.
Bruce Eggum
-- BrEggum (2005-05-30 13:20:39)